Friday, December 9, 2016


These people. 
They were there at Teton Crossfit. 
They called the ambulance. 
They started CPR.
They saved his life. 

There are no words for the utter gratitude and joy I have for them.
And my ICU nurse daughter was unable to contain her emotions either. 
We understand the odds he has beat so far.
Nani Bartholick Ryan Malm and Rachel. And there were several others that were there. 
And Jennica Watson Hirrlinger you got him addicted to the sport.
I love you forever.

Lynsey could not let go of Nani.
We are all so incredibly thankful.
They were our angels that day.
They acted.
They saved his life.

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Julia said...

Such beautiful people to have around you all. The bonds will forever be strengthened between all of you.
Hugs, Julia