Friday, December 9, 2016

Yes, You Can Have a Bandaid!

Funny for the day. 
Funny to me anyway.
For those that know me, I'm a nurse. 
I've worked in the ER for the last 20 years. 
I think I've seen it all. (Occasionally I'm surprised)
Anyway, when I get home after a shift, my sympathy and compassion button is all used up.
If my kids complained about an ache or pain, injury or blood, I would say go take a Motrin or rub some dirt on it. 
Kind of a running joke at our house.
Sorry Nate Egan about not believing you when you broke your hand, and I told you it hadn't fallen off yet so you were fine. Ya broken. 3 days later I take him to the doc, he had to have sedation to reset it. #momfail
So last night Howie was restless. His feet were cold, they were hot, he wanted to be in the chair, he wanted to walk, he wanted water, no he wanted ice, now his feet were hot. Just nonstop. 
He kinda recognized that he was being a difficult patient. The kind that I might come home from work and complain about. 
He apologized for being such a pain.
I told him, honey I am just so thankful for you and all of your irritating little complaints right now, you're going to get away with anything! You ask for it you're gonna get it.
He looked at me and said " so does that mean you'll let me have bandaids now?"
And then he laughed at himself.
The little stinker.
Lynsey and Candice.....Lovin' daddy!

Howie and his girls.

Lynsey spent the night with Howie.
We never left him alone.
We figured between the two of us, he would always have a nurse at his bedside.
And no one loves him more than us.
This was the sweet scene when I got to the ICU at 5:00 AM

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Julia said...

Howard is a lucky man to have two private nurses. I'm sure there were other angels in the room too.

When I was operated on for a mastectomy in 2002, my son can to visit me after I woke up and he said to me. "Mom, I want you to know that I've lent you my own guardian angel to look after you so don't worry and don't worry about me, l'll be very careful so I don't get into any accidents." He was very serious about this.

Hugs, Julia