Friday, August 15, 2008


Cameron finally got his call today! The mailman walked slowly on his he has all day or something. We let Cameron go get the mail. He came back up the stairs with a big smile.

We encouraged him to wait until we could contact the family by phone....cell phones are a beautiful thing. So all of our cell phones had someone on the other end on speaker phone. Lynsey in Texas, Matt in Utah, Nate had Sara in Menan, Grandma and Grandpa in Blackfoot......................drumroll here.....

What excitement! A letter from the First Presidency! He slowly rips open the top and then..................

We now have a missionary! There were cheers and tears. We are so excited for all of us.

Anyway, thanks for guessing and supporting and being interested!

Oh, ya, I guess I should put where and when he's going.....

Little Rock Arkansas Mission and he'll leave November 19th! Elder Egan is on his way!
(I wonder if he'll have to learn a foreign language?)


a lot 'bout livin' and a little 'bout love said...

He will need to learn a foreign language. 2 actually. He'll need to learn Ebonics and Red Neck southern Drawl.
Congrats Cam, we are so proud of you! Love Nick, Lyns, Lexi, Rocky and Gracie

Tara said...

Awesome!!! Matt called me afterwards and told me Cam got his call! I think that will be a fun mission!

Congratulations, Cameron!!!!!

(Is it too late to guess where he is going! j/k)

Mary Z said...

Pretty exciting. It sounds like a great place to go. Mom will not be so stressed with him in the country.