Monday, August 18, 2008

I "knead" you

So I have two stupid cats. Seriously. The black one, I think it is named Baby...loves to get on my bed and knead and knead and purr. Obnoxious really. Especially when I'm trying to sleep. Irritating when those claws make contact with my flesh. Baby is really a stupid cat. I see no point in this activity. Kneading and kneading.....

Then I have Bean (yup, that's it's name) He's the watch kat. His favorite thing is to jump into the tree from the front steps and sharpen his claws. Scratching and sharpening, sharpening and scratching. I'm sure he thinks he's in the middle of a forest and he is a scary panther or something....scratching and clawing.

You can almost see the behavior of their ancestors in them. Survival skills, hunting the prey.

Kinda scary looking isn't he?

Wonder what they are thinking???? Probably something like...."I have such a stupid human"

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