Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wow, it's quiet around here!

So Lynsey and Lexie flew back to Texas on Tuesday. It was so fun to have them here. Lyns is such a good little mommy and Lexie is truly precious. LOVE her thighs!!!! (A question I would like answered however; at what age is it no longer "cute" to have thunder thighs?) It was nice to have my oldest here and to enjoy her. We went shopping on Saturday, that was fun, she made me buy a new camera, it was really all her fault....really....seriously!
As a parent one of the coolest things that I've seen is when your kids enjoy each other's company. They talk and laugh and get out of control when they start talking about some of the stunts they pulled.....amnesty and the statute of's a beautiful thing. It was fun to see Uncle Matt, Uncle Nate and Uncle Cameron play with Lexie, of course none of us could get enough of her. Now they are gone, things are quiet and I'm wandering around the house. Candi got to fly back with Lyns to stay for a week. When she gets back she'll only have 2 more weeks of summer then school starts and she'll be a senior........I need prozac!
It was wonderful having everyone here! We should do that again.....SOON!

We stopped in Riverside and saw Grandma and Grandpa Jensen

We decided to get some pictures with the four "girls", then on to Pocatello to see Grandma Egan.

On Monday Tara and I and Lyns went shopping at Tia Pan, what a place. Then I came home without incident....well except with a car alarm issue at 0700 in the morning that awakened the state of Utah (ask Matt about that one). These last few days have been just a quiet house with just Cameron aka Mouse Potato and me. Nate and Sara and Krew have done an OK job of babysitting us though.

I love you all my family!!!! You are all the best!


Tara said...

I had a great time with everyone! Sorry you have a quiet empty house now.....Howard should be back within the next 24 hours though right?

Matt said...

Mom...can we remove the ugly picture of Matt? Thanks

Mary Z said...

So do I understand that you and Howard are home alone for a week? Don't you dare say you miss the kids.
Instead of hiking and biking lets do a camera photo shoot trip.