Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Candice.....reflections of her on her 17th birthday

Wow, she's 17 today! How did I get so old? I've watched in amazement as she's grown and become so talented. Does she know what gifts she possesses? Does she know that she is amazing? Does she know that there is more to each day than surface stuff?

Things about her that I love.....her laugh, her happiness and good attitude. She always asks about my day, I can talk to her as a friend. She's quirky and funny and finds the good in people, she always gives them the benefit of the doubt. Sigh.....I have spent the day feeling very melancholy about her and how fast she has grown.

And then..............I went into her room.

Fact: there are some species that eat their young......I can relate.

In spite of the room.........Happy Birthday Angel Baby!

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Mary Z said...

Happy Birthday Candice!!! I love your blog Tauna. It is so fun to spy on people. And you thought you would not be able to blog!?!?!?!