Saturday, July 26, 2008

Foil Dinners, Fireworks and a New Camera

Krew isn't feeling well today. He went to the doc yesterday and was put on antibiotics, but today he's still feeling punky. Get better Krewser!At 8:00 at night Nate and Lynsey decided they wanted to have foil dinners, so off to the store to buy carrots, charcoal, hamburger and red potatoes. Nate with charcoal and lighter fluid...not a great combo.
Sara and Krew monitor Nate's pyro activities.

Lynsey inhales a little of the charcoal encrusted dinner. It's OK tasting with enough catsup.
Sara wanted something different than hamburger in her foil dinner. I watched her make it and I thought she put potatoes and carrots, a few onions and I was sure she put chicken in it....but I must have been mistaken, because this looks like "seefood"!
We were anxious to get the foil dinners done because we wanted to be able to go to our secret spot to watch the fireworks display. It was the first night of the International Folk Dance Festival and at the end of the opening ceremonies they always have fireworks. Last year we accidentally discovered where they light them from. We were able to sit in Lynsey's Jeep with the top off and had the fireworks directly over us. It was so fun, so this year we were ready to get our spot again. We loaded the pickup with pillows, foam mattresses and blankets. We went to park in our spot again and this time the Moss family joined us. We told them where the secret spot was and they decided they would go as well. Unfortunately a campus police officer came and told us that we couldn't park where we were, so we moved the cars across the street into a small parking lot. It was perfect. We had fireworks directly overhead! It was AWESOME! This was a great way to use my new camera! If you want to see it you can click here:
But I didn't pay that much for it!!!!!
It's the end of a fun day and we'll probably all be very tired in church. It's been great to have Lynsey and Lexi here! Thanks Nick for sharing them with us. We "heart" you!

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The Egan Family said...

Hmmmm this post looks really familiar.....Oh ya....I was there when ya did it! hahaha JK!! Thanks for spending the day with us shopping and tin foil dinners and the EXCITING fireworks show. It was a blast!! Thanks for all your help with the lil Krewman. Couldnt have done it without you and Lyns. You're the best grandma ever! We love you!