Monday, July 21, 2008

Crazy Daze!

This last several days has found our house bursting at the seams! Lynsey flew in with Lexi and Matt and Tara and the family came to hang out with her. Matt and Howie spent Friday night and Saturday laying carpet in Nate and Sara's new house. Sara's dad, Tim came and worked on installing the cabinets. Sounds like it was a real guy party. They got home at 0330 and then turned around and hit it again all day Saturday. While they were working hard we got to watch the kids play in the backyard, pick strawberries and generally have a good time. It's so fun to see them play together, they have such fun personalities.

Of course, with all the family here it presents a few challenges...such as a dozen people using one bathroom....only one bathroom is a story for another time. The funnest thing for me to see was Lynsey, Tara and Candice getting their makeup on in front of the mirror in my room. Our closet doors are sliding full size mirrors and I walked into my room Sunday morning before church and they were sitting on the floor in front of it getting themselves all prettied up. I wish I had my camera for that one cause it was cute.

Sunday afternoon we had a big dinner and my parents came up. We had a combined birthday celebration for my mom and for Candice. Mom's b-day was on the 18th and Candi's will be the 22nd. We didn't figure a cake could handle mom's 73 candles....sorry mom if you were still telling people you were 29 I didn't mean to blow it for you.....and Candi's 17 candles so Lynsey in her quirky wisdom got three number candles a 1 a 7 and a 3. Put together it was 173.....17 for Candi and 73 for mom. I thought it was pretty clever.

Sunday held some changes for me. Last Tuesday Howie told me he needed to talk to me and could I come into his "office". He told me that they were going to release me from nursery. I started crying. I wasn't prepared to feel that way about those little kids. It has been a challenging calling for me, but I've really had a lot of fun and gotten so attached to those little ones. It's not every calling that you can crawl around on the floor for two hours and get to have treats too. I have had a pretty melancholy week. He did extend a calling to me to be the Enrichment Counselor in the Relief Society...I'm very unsure about that. It was different sitting in Relief Society....very quiet....

One of the cool things that happened because of this calling was having my husband, dad and three sons set me apart in this new calling. Wow, I was a proud mom. I'm sure I'll come to love this calling but I'm not sure anything will be as tender to me as being in the nursery. I think that if the Savior were to visit our ward, he wouldn't want to be anywhere else but in the nursery.

Grandpa was getting a kick out of Krew aka HAM! He is always ready for a cheese for the camera! We do need to get a picture of him with his cowboy hat on!

Then we have "Princess Crabby Pants"

Auntie Lynsey did a little hair magic! You have got to love that sweet little sincere smile and you'd think she was an angel all the time... I'm here to dispell that myth. She's a terrible force to behold when she's getting her brothers in line. She is the one in charge!

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