Monday, October 3, 2011


I canned 36 pints of salsa on Saturday.
I really do love to can.
It's a ton of work.
It probably doesn't save me a dime.
I've never found a store that carries a peach preserve with jalapenos and pineapple.

Ya, sounds icky.

But you pour this over Cream Cheese and serve with Ritz Crackers.
You'll want to name your firstborn after it.

We spent Saturday putting finishing touches on the Chick ChaLAY
(Isn't that the sweetest face?)
I do have some decorating to finish.
I was thinking about gingham curtains.

I also canned 36 pints of chicken.
Not my chickens.
Probably some of the kinfolk though.

I also loved listening to General Conference this weekend.
It was great to hear the messages from our Church Leaders.
Things I needed to hear.

I'll spend tomorrow getting all the tomatoes and cucumbers out of the garden to finish ripening.

It's supposed to snow on Friday.

I hope to have the tomatoes ripen slowly throughout the coming weeks and enjoy a fresh tomato long after the snow flies.

The zucchini that's left in the garden?
It can stay where it lays!


Amy said...

That is a lot of canning. I am impressed.

This has been my first year canning. I put up peaches, peach pie filling, and pears. I would love to know how to can salsa.

Anonymous said...

The Chick Chalay is looking good and yes, that's an adorable face. Your canned goods look wonderful. I am envious - I have never canned anything! The peach/pineapple/pepper mix sounds interesting - bet it makes a great dip.
SNOW? Oh no! Hope you have good luck with ripening the remaining tomatoes.
Wishing you a very nice day!

Queenie Jeannie said...

You are so lucky to have such a great garden!! We had such a hot, hot, hot summer with little rain and everything burned up on me. Glad it was just flower and herbs, because I would have cried had it been veggies! Canning is a lot of work, but soooo worth it all winter long! Enjoy!!

And I want some!!!!!

~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~Oliver~ said...

What?! Send me that zucchini! I love the stuff!
Way to go on canning! The only thing I ever do O's strawberry jam-but now I want somma your peach deliciousness for my cream cheese spread!
P.s. Snow?! Agh! Winter just ended!

gigi said...

I am so happy for you!! I love looking at my filled jars of wonderful garden delights up on the shelves!It takes you through the winter a little easier.

It was 48* this morning and that is cool for south GA this time of year but I would really cry if it was gonna snow on Friday! That is just so sad. You need to make those chickens a winter coat!

Nezzy said...

Girl, I'm commin' to your house this winter!!! Your gonna eat goooood!

The floods this spring washed the trace minerals outta the soil badly. Nobodies garden did well 'round these parts. I worked harder in my roses than I ever remember and they looked dwarfed all summer. {{{SIGH}}}

God bless you and I'm thankful for your bountiful abundance!!!

Momza said...

WOW! Now I want to can something!!
Your salsa sounds so yummy! Love the finished products!

M-Cat said...

That seriously freaks me out. THE CANNING! Holy cow! I remember my mom doing tomatoes and peaches and heaven help us - it was misery for the rest of the family! I don't think she cared for it, or was particularly good at, but dammit, she was gonna do it!

Snow? For reals? *so depressed*

Yvonne said...

Goodness you are quite the woman ; ) Love it.

Love the "Chick ChaLay"--too funny.

I GASPED when I read "I also canned 36 pints of chicken"!!!

General Conference was AMAZING.

just call me jo said...

I used to can when I lived in Idaho and had growing things. I love canning but, like you, I'm sure it doesn't save money, but it's so much better. Love the chickens. (Don't tell them you're canning their chicken cousins...) SNOW?? You're kidding. Rick and I are coming up Oct. 27th; snow??

Furry Bottoms said...

The peach jalapeno pineapple salsa doesn't sound yucky. It actually makes sense to me. Yeah. Sweet with a hot twist!

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

I am surrounded by ladies who can...I can not...hahahaha.

Ann Marie said...

Oh my goodness.. I saw your Salsa.. and my mouth watered. I tried it for the first time a year ago this weekend *tear*

I HAVE had something similar to the Peach Jalapeno dip and it's amazing!!!!!!

I think you are amazing.. you domestic diva you..

Barbaloot said...

Gosh-and I was feeling good about the 7 cans of spaghetti sauce I did. You are amazing!

Brad said...

I chuckled at the juxtaposition of the chicken face and the chicken jars.
Don't freeze yet. I meant you, not the zucchini.

Kristina P. said...

I'm coming to your house when the world ends.

jen said...

just realized I commented as hubby. Sorry.

Lesa said...

I'll take the zucchini from you. I feel bad, ours didn't work this year and not one neighbor brought any to my house.

Oh, and you are amazing!

Connie said...

Oh yes, such a feeling of accomplishment to see all those jars filled. I am with you, I am not sure I save any money canning but at least I know what is in the jars and NO added chemicals or preservative not to mention artificial coloring.

Love your "Chicken ChaLAY" name. Hope those girls get to laying soon, well as soon as they are through mourning their relatives unfortuante demise.

Conference was so uplifting, I needed to hear every word that was spoken. Do you suppose all those that spoke prayed to know what I personally needed to hear? Seemed like it to me.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Brenda said...

Dear Garden,

Wow, you've been BUSY! Love the SALSA-my favorite! I should do that for my family, we eat a lot of SALSA!

Conference was GREAT! Love your pictures! Have a great week!

blueviolet said...

You are so ambitious and your bounty looks so appetizing! Yummy!

jules said...

We had soooo many tomatoes this year that we finally let them freeze off this weekend! There's only so much juice, salsa, soup, and spaghetti sauce a person can eat!

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

Hey Suzie, your salsa, jam and all the rest looks fabulous! I think you are getting our storm, that is rolling in here tonight, on Friday. For the first day it isn't in the 80-90's with clouds and light rain and I'm lovin' the cool air.

With all your newly acquired eggs, you CAN freeze those too. When there's a good sale, I freeze mine in ice cube trays, then transfer to ziplock bags and bake with 'em. Lucky for you, your girls will do all the hard work for you and you'll not be out of fresh.

Keep up the homemaking stuff...I love it and sorry, I miss you and all of our friends and BYU-I, but not the weather, sorry about the snow Friday!!!!

Barb said...

I love to can - especially when it's something as wonderful as salsa! Yours sounds delicious, you really should post your recipe - share the love!

My garden was terrible this year - except for the tomatoes - like you, I will put them in the garage, and carefully nurture them so that I can hopefully eat a big juice tomato on Thanksgiving Day!


Mikki said...

That jalepeno and pineapple preserve sounds divine!
Tauna, you are so inspiring! Way to go!

DCHY said...

Why not head for a farmer's market and sell those cans? Just an idea. :)

Julie Harward said...

What a weekend...makes me feel guilty for spending mine in Park City, doing nothing but eating out and having fun..while I listened to conferance1 (By the way...all your canning looks divine!) ;D

wendy said...

thank you
I want a couple of bottles of Salsa
about 10 bottles of the peach thingy
and a few bottles of chicken would be great.
how much???
you mean you aren't going to bake up a dozen loaves of zucchini bread and put in the freezer??
just leave it where it lay???
wasteful, wasteful, wasteful Tauna.

you are a busy lady. Are you sure you shouldn't have been born about 100 years ago, when they worked the land, plucked the chickens...however, there was NO cream cheese (that I know of)

Kazzy said...

When I read these posts I get so darn jealous of your skills!

g.suzie said...

I love your 'Urban Farm'!
Can you adopt me I'll work for
food. . .
When do you sleep and where does
all that energy come from?
It all looks beautiful! Don't you just love to look at those bottles
all lined up on the shelves.
Miss you,

Vern said...

So far I haven't found too much that isn't better poured over cream cheese.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my!! You are going to have such yummy things to eat this winter. Your chickens are beautiful. You sound like you are having fun! Hugs

Julia said...

Wow Tauna, YOU the Queen of canning. Way to go girl. That peach s pineapple and Jalapeno sounds so divine. My daughter serves hot pepper jelly on baked brie in a crust on crackers, yummy. I bet your recipe is to die for. JB

Julia said...
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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am beyond impressed. All the canning you have done is amazing. I have never canned a thing. I have to say that your church does teach their children well. I remember having a few friends who were members and I was so impressed. I even attended a few of the functions. You raise beautiful well rounded children who grow up to love their families deeply. Definitely spend quality time together.

Laura said...

Hey, can you email me that preserve recipe? Sounds delish! (

Congrats on your chickies! I would have chickens, if I didn't have a dog that would eat them. Plus I pretty much have my hands full with our goats! Too bad the goats don't lay eggs...

Laura@livingabigstory said...

I'm impressed! I love the thought of homemade salsa--maybe next year??

LKP said...

hey, one of daisy's friends just FB'd me and said that ya'll have snow TODAY! wow. impressive. almost like clockwork ya know? our last autumn on 3rd, brought the year's first snow on oct. 6th as well! that's the winter that out-wintered me and made my decision to move back to WA that much easier. makes me nervous for ya. that was the winter where people in the valley were telling me it was the worst winter in over 20 years! thinking warm thoughts for you.... plus being jealous of all your canning productivity. serio. the peach-pineapple-jalapeno stuff sounds DIVINE! but then again i love anything that requires cream cheese! :) just ask my cardiologist. (j/k. but i'm sure i'll need one in the next 10 years, based on my mom's family's track-record.)

Kimmie said...

Okay, so is it a family secret recipe, OR, would you share the recipe for the Peach, Pineapple, Jalapeno preserve recipe.

I've had jalapeno jelly, but yours sounds and looks like it would be SO much better. Perfect to put on cream cheese and dip crackers or toasted Artisan Bread in!! WOW, I can't believe how much you canned!