Thursday, September 29, 2011


For years I've had envy.
And jealousy.

I've wanted something I couldn't have.
I KNOW! Breaking one of the Ten Commandments!

Who have I been jealous of?
MacDonald. (as in Old)
I wanted to live the life of Old MacDonald.

I was raised in the country.
My happiest childhood memories were being at my grandmother's home.
Nestled in the Sawtooth Mountains.

After I was married we spent some time out in that same beautiful country. We farmed and had dairy cows.
The stars were big and the air was fresh.

I have always tried to be a bit of a farmer even though we live in town.

I would go out and check the crops.
I canned what I could.
Like my grandmother.
And mother.
But my life seemed incomplete.
My heart was still jealous.

I wanted chickens.
I wanted to be able to go and gather eggs.
From my very own chickens.

I nagged begged Howie for years.
Then I started emailing him all these cute pictures of chicken coops.

The nagging begging continued.
For years.
I told him if I could get me a few hens he would never have to buy me another birthday gift.

Or anniversary gift.

Or St. Patricks Day gift.

Or Christmas gift.


Then out of the blue...

A month ago...

Howie announced he would commence building a Chicken Sitter!!!
My grandson acting like a chicken.
It was a painful month waiting for it to be done!
He has traveled extensively and would get home and work each Saturday.

Thank you Steve for goading encouraging him! You were the best Project Manager!

My kids are pretty sure I'm crazy.
I've had some raised eyebrows from the neighbors.
There are two other families in the neighborhood with chickens, so I'm not the first crazy person on the block.

Monday night we FINALLY got 4 chickens.
I love them!
They love being scratched.
And talked to.

I absolutely love hearing them cluck and cackle.
It's a comforting sound.
It's a sound of contentment.
They have hilarious personalities.
(They remind me of people.)

Meet Steve. In honor of Steve, the Project Manager.
Steve is the black one. A Barred Rock.
She lays brown eggs.
She also has an attitude.
She's the first one to lay an egg every day.
Very competitive.
I'm unsure what to name the other ones.
But I think they are beautiful.

I know, I live in town.
Near a university.
With lots of traffic and noise.

Maybe this is just my way of slowing my world down.

And best of all...
From my very own chickens!!!!!

Dinner tonight?

AND Howie already has his Christmas shopping done!


Cherie said...

Wow Tauna - that is pretty cool! I am impressed with the Coop that Howie-man built!
The chickie's are beautiful - Calling someone a Chickie has always been one of my favorite phrases so from now on I'll just say "How are you Chickie? And the chicks?"
I think Howie got off a little too easy - maybe a year with no gifts :-D

Julia said...

Oh Tauna, I love your post and your sense of humor. I just think that your garden is so neat like I used to have mine years ago. How lucky to have your own chickens that lays eggs for you.

Your chicken coop is just lovely and it looks like Howie built it with love. But really, no birthday, anniversary, Christmas presents... EVER?

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I hope that you come again and again and join my followers. It's so much fun getting new followers but you know, I hate to ask.

Nezzy said...

Life doesn't get any better than havin' a man who does his Christmas shoppin' early. I'm thrilled ya got the desires of your heart...

Chickens and fresh eggs!

God bless and have a terrific day sweetie!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy your wishes have come true, Tauna. I have a few blog friends with chickens and thru their posts, I know the joy of having your own eggs and the cute personalities of the chicks. Love the coop - enjoy and keep us posted!

Julie Harward said...

LOL I am so happy for you! What a sweet heart husband too...have fun with them! We got some babies this year and now they look and act just like teenagers! ;D

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Wow congratulations. Don't let Debbie's husband see this. He wants chickens also.

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

I love that you have chickens! Can't take the farm out of the girl.

Saimi said...

OK, OK, OK, I'm so excited for you I don't know where to start!!! YAY for you, you are such lucky girl, now I'm jealous!!

They are so beautiful and I LOVE the fact that you get to have fresh eggs!!

It's amazing when you watch animals you can see all the different personalities going on, they really are funny!


~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~Oliver~ said...

You are funny! And a little nuts!

Doran & Jody said...

Uh....I am NOT a farm girl. I have to have store bought eggs. Ya know, the ones that are "made" in the stores, NOT from the chickens behinds...eww

That's my story.

Connie said...

I didn't know you were such a farm girl at heart and now...for real! Howie knows how to make you happy.
You really go out and scratch your chickens? You are going to make them so happy and content that you'll be gathering eggs 3 times a day!

BTW, the chicken coop looks awesome. Ignore the raised eyebrows.

wendy said... got St. Patrick Day gifts.
Howie got off cheep (get it) buying a couple of chickens.
How about if you name the golden one, Lady GaGa.
I used to gather the eggs all the time at MY grandmothers house also when I was young.
however, it did not really translate into me WANTING any hens.
You do belong on a farm my sweet friend.
Once upoon a time, I used to bottle/can everything that grew on this earth. Thank goodness I didn't live in the Garden of Eden (or Egan) I guess (tee,hee)
I want pygmy goats...go figure.

Barbaloot said...

You guys do St. Patrick's gifts?

I think you should name them Ringo, Paul and George. Except now you need one more...

Mikki said...

This is awesome! You're going to save like a hundred bucks a year on eggs I bet. I love that you named your hen Steve.

Yvonne said...

How fun. I am a city girl, but I have always wanted to live on a farm.

Love the chicken coop--he did such a great job. I wouldn't know the first thing about chickens, but I would love going out and gathering the eggs.


Kazzy said...

That is so cool! I think it is very nostalgic for you, obviously, to have this piece of your country roots.

I started breeding rabbits this summer, and I find some real grounding doing something that has to do with animals and earth and basics.

M-Cat said...

Well look at you Mrs lil McDonald!!

My neighbor has chickens and don'tcha know it, that's where all the littles want to hang out because they are so fun!

My dog does to, but I am pretty sure it's not for the same reason.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

You crack me up! I will *not* show my Doc this post--he has been DYING for rabbits or chickens because he had them when he was growing up.

Do fresh eggs taste different--I've heard they taste so much yummier?

Furry Bottoms said...

Oh my, Tauna! You have the best husband in the world!!! That coop is amazing, and the chickens are pretty!

Connie said...

I love that you have chickens and want to name them. My duaghter got chickens a few years ago and started naming the hens after great grandmothers and special great aunts. She had a Lucy (after great granny Lucille), Ruby, Gerna, Ellie, Henrietta.
How fun for you!

Lisa said...

SO GREAT! We have a rooster down the road that cockles us awake a lot, but whatever. It's the price we pay for trying to keep the past alive. I can't wait to see what you do for Easter.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Congratulations on your new venture. I am so impressed. Also all the things you have canned.
You are a hard worker and your husband should be very proud of you.

blueviolet said...

I love that he made your wish come true!!! Too funny how Steve must lay the first egg each day.

Momza said...

I am totally jonesing on your chicken coop. I want one! Hmmm...I wonder if Mr. Wonderful will let me? I better fast and pray first. lol

Barb said...

Now I am jealous of YOU!!! I love chickens and have wanted a a "chicken sitter" for years!! Please tell me the secret to getting hubby to agree?! What a fun post, and great photos!

I was really close to my grandmother too, only she lived in Ririe not the Sawtooth Mountains (I'm jealous of that too!) Looks like you have had a very busy summer!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I would love to have chickens! It's funny that you have such a competitor. I think that would be my way, if I was a chicken. :)

My grandfather used to own a dairy farm in Rigby, Idaho. It used to be my favorite thing to come out and visit every year. I love the smell of the farm. Maybe that's odd.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Believe it or not, my heart is rather jealous at the moment. I actually do want some chickens too!

Someday I need to come visit your chickens.

And drop off a zucchini. :D

Barb said...


She did live in Ririe - right down the hill from the cemetery. I love it there too - it is very beautiful! Most of my family is buried there, so I get to visit often.

lifeinredshoes said...


But I still like you :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh my Howie did good but are u sure you should of gave up all of those celebrations without u a gift. lol
I now am a little jealous of you because I would love to have your coop.
Being out here you would think I could have them but too many wild animals.
I will be thinking of you now every time I buy eggs that are not fresh like yours.
Oh and your chicks are too cute

Leontien said...

Whooo i am so happy for you!!! you got some chicks!!! haha

I think they look great AND so do the eggs!

I think they will bring you bunches of joy!


Krista said...

I don't like eating something I've met. :) I wouldn't know what to do with a chicken. I barely know what to do with my kids.

gigi said...

Between you and Howie y'all can make some good happen! Looks great, my friend! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Now I am jealous. :) I love chickens and those fresh eggs are just the best. Your chickens have a top of the line A-one super-duper coop and run. Your Howie is quite talented he did a great job building that.

Enjoy the chickens and those wonderful eggs. BTW Your garden is beautiful! Hugs

MZ said...

Where are you going to keep the cow?

Lesa said...

well, someone in my area just got chickens too. I am seeing a new trend here...?...

Teresa said...

I love it! I might have to come over just to hear the sounds

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

Happy everything Tauna! Those lucky chickens who want to be scratched and loved have the right new caregiver. It looks like a win-win with your pre-quiched eggs. Your coop is adorable too!

Queenie Jeannie said...

That's so cool! I'm very happy for you...both, lol!!!

LKP said...

hee hee hee... i LOVE this post! did i mention we've had one spontaneous autumn chick arrive in the past 6 weeks? yep. i think we'll name it autumn in honor of its arrival! the chicks from this spring that are all now HUGE hens are a collection of either barred rocks or silver laced wyandottes. because we LOVE the classic look of the black & white too + the yummy brown eggs! great minds, i'm just sayin', great minds.... :) love you & miss you! ::hugs:: btw, howie's handiwork is beautiful! i'm gonna show it to seth. cause even though he constructed a bigger chicken coop & hen house, it's still more the size appropriate for last fall's 6 chickens (that sadly became 3 after the snow fell). not the size appropriate for this year's 16 chickens! plus, yours is soooooo polished and lovely and now MY heart is jealous! ::double-hugs::

LKP said...

p.s. i'm soooo sending you a pic of the puguini & a hen from last week. as in right now, to your phone! sooooo cute. :)

Hideaway Girl said...

I am jealous - I totally want some chickens! That is one impressive coop!

Valerie said...

I didn't know we could have chickens in town!

I know NOtHiNG about raising chickens, but I know I would love to have farm fresh eggs! You're rocking the rural life style!