Wednesday, October 26, 2011


But I wasn't.
I was given a jar of Apple Syrup.
It tastes heavenly on pancakes.
So I juiced all my apples from our two trees and made some.
Ain't it purty?
Then I made some more!
38 pints of the stuff!
NOW I'm done!

Apple Syrup
5 C apple juice
7 1/2 C sugar
Boil one minute
Add one packet of Certo
Boil two minutes.
Add 3-4 drops of red food coloring.
Pour into hot sterilized jars and seal.


just call me jo said...

You are a domestic goddess for sure. That syrup looks divine. Yummy! You are my hero.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so impressed with all your hard work. That IS some pretty syrup. Enjoy the rest of your week Tauna.

Kristina P. said...

Nom, nom, nom.

Yvonne said...


Saimi said...

you are the woman!!! Nice job!

Barb said...

Hi Tuana!

I love anything apple! I can just imagine eating this on a cold winter morning with my favorite, German pancakes, and a steamy cup of hot cocoa! Thanks for the recipe - I will be canning apples very shortly . . . I need all the ideas I can get! It looks delish!


P.S. Thanks for the nice thoughts on my blog... :0)

Kirsten said...

YUM! YUM! YUM! Cooked apple ANYTHING is my absolute FAVORITE! Apple pie, cinnamon apples, apple crisp, caramel apples...I could go on!

Julie said...

Apple syrup is new to me. Do you use it like regular maple syrup?

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh yum! I'm still impressed form your chocolate making, but this sounds delicious.

Ann Marie said...

Why on earth are you not selling your canned goods? And while I am at it... I'd buy a few BOXES of chocolates too. :)

For real.. I am not canning this year.. but I am going to print this recipe out and do it next year.. when I have a little more Ugmph.

I just love you Tauna. ~ And your pictures of food.. and your food. The end.

Momza said...

mmmmmmmmmmm yum.

blueviolet said...

That looks beautiful, and I can only imagine how wonderful it must taste!

Music Notes said...

I'm picturing your storage room and it must look beautiful in there.

Connie said...

Sounds wonderful. I don't know about you but canning is so rewarding. You line up those jars on the shelf and it just screams ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Furry Bottoms said...

I must say I've never heard or tasted apple syrup?! Yes, all that looks pretty!

Maybe do a give-away for a jar of your apple syrup? I don't think it is very well known and this would be good for it! Hint Hint

gigi said...

Easy peasy, you go girl!! I know where to come for pancakes when I get to Iceburg! Yum!

Kimmie said...

I LOVE seeing your jars of yummyness! Rows of canning jars filled with fruit/veggies make me HAPPY!!

Your breakfast pancakes are going to be to die for delicious with topped with that yummy stuff!!

Okay, so since I'm not that skilled of a canner yet, what is CERTO and where do you get it?!? I'm pretty patheitic as I've never even heard of the stuff.

Also, how long to you water bath the jars. Do you just do 15 minutes? Wasn't sure on that.

Thanks for inspiring me to home up my canning skills and to have the confidence to try things and to succeed at them! Just in case you didn't know it, YOU ARE AMAZING!!

Kimmie said...

OOPS..should have spell checked, I meant to say "Hone up my canning skills". LOL!

Nezzy said...

That sounds wonderful and it looks just heavenly. What great Christmas gift that would make.

Not hintin' or anything...but...Heeheehe!!!!

God bless and have a remarkable day sweetie!!!

MZ said...

So Jeff and I were in the same class that suckered you into apple syrup. He left the Stake Center and drove downtown and bought a food dehydrator. He did 5 batches of apples before we got on the plane for South America. Sheeesh!

tammy said...

Mmm....yummy! I have an cinnamon apple syrup recipe that is totally different than this. I'm going to have to try yours and compare now.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

That looks amazing! I have a recipe for sausage and apple pancakes that I think are SCREAMING for that syrup!

Doran & Jody said...

Can I order a can along with some CHOCOLATE??!!

rebecca said...

impressive. and purty! haha

M-Cat said...

Okay, I am thinking Apple syrup might actually be good. But that much? Really? Good on ya!

Silvinha said...

Hello, good morning, I am a newcomer here, I love their recept, but please tell me your measurements, in Brazil we have different types of cups, the apple sirup is the name of the recipe?
Thank you