Monday, February 1, 2010

In your best {Napolean Dynamite} voice.....

Say the word "IDIOT!"
Who is the idiot? ME!
The reason:
9:00 church I love 9:00 church
Well, OK it's not totally 9:00 churchs fault. It's late Saturday night fault.
OK, maybe it isn't late Saturday nights fault. I should just accept responsibility for my own actionsbut it's so painful to accept responsibility
Anywayz.........on with the story.
Early church+LONG afternoon nap+


I was awake ALL NIGHT LONG!
OK, let's say it again......"IDIOT"


Small House said...

9:00 church is great. HOWEVER...I like 11:00. My family thinks I'm nuts, but I love staying up late, and getting a little bit more sleep in the morning.

Kristina P. said...

This is my problem, minus the Coke! I always love Sunday naps, but then I can't sleep at bedtime.

Just Breathe said...

I can't seem to sleep in yet I like to stay up late and most night I am having trouble sleeping lately. I need sleep....

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I want 900am church back. Were at 1:00pm, just left 11:00am last year. I kinda like my 3 hours to fly by and be fully awake by the time it's over = P

Ok, that last statement is only true SOMETIMES! I really do renew my spirit and faith in life BETTER after an early morning session.


Julie Harward said...


Lisa said...

We went from 3pm church to 8am. I thought it would be a difficult adjustment but I'm liking it so far. The worst is the 6am meetings. If I take a long nap I'm a mess but if I can keep it to an hour or an hour and a half then it works.

Connie said...

Did you get lots done during your awake time? How are you doing today? A little draggy? Sundays are the best when we can get our relax on! Maybe next time, stay away from the caffeine after the nap!

linda said...

Yep, that will do it to you everytime!

I gave up my regular pepsi in January and have switched to diet. I hate diet anything so I'm drink less! Boy oh boy do I miss my regular pepsi but you know what, I'm sleeping better too!

I've never ever been a napper. I just can't nap for some reason. Maybe I think I'm gonna miss something!?!

Yvonne said...

I don't drink the coke but I certainly take the naps. The older I get the easier it is for me to doze off when I sit down. I guess I just need to keep myself walking around until it's time to go to bed at night.

Hope you have a good sleep tonight.

Love the background of the blog.

Happy Mom said...

Isn't it funny how we have to re-adjust our Sunday habits every January!!

I LOVE the church!

gigi said...

I just hate when that happens!

Has anyone told you lately that you have a beautiful hand writing?

Cherie said...

Been there! I really DO NOT love 9:00 church. Insomnia is the worst. I get it quite often. I used to think it was the Coke but I have been off Coke for a month now and I still had insomnia last week. So go figure...?
Now go get some sleep!

AND I refuse to call you and idiot ;D

Mikki said...

I drink Pepsi frequently right before bedtime, and it doesn't even phase me. I think that probably means I'm way too addicted to it.
Hope you'll be able to catch up with your rest tonight.

Brenda said...


We have two things in common! I have 9:00 church also and I love Pepsi!
I hear what you are saying!
Your post made me laugh! Thanks for sharing! So nice to meet you!
Come by and visit anytime!

Ann Marie said...

I'm 9:00 too.
I kinda have a love hate relationship with it. I LOVE to be out early.. and in time for kids naps..but I hate that I have to get 3 children ready before 9:00.. ( no time to review Gospel Doctrine Lesson ) and no big breakfast. :(
I believe that 11:00 is the Celestial time. :)

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Your Thank you card came on a much needed day! I appreciate you!!

LKP said...

lol! i HEART 9am church too, however getting back into it's swing of things has been practically impossible for me since the first of the year! only times i've been on time for sacrament has been ward council sundays...and that's cause ward council is at 7AM---TORTURE to get up in time for that! aw, but i do love my calling so i guess its totally worth it. =)
as for the brownies, even mr LKP adored those brownies tonight. he told me they were amazing! so, 4 thumbs up from us. =) go for it, give 'em a try. just don't fall over when you find the price of the mix to be high. healthier stuff always is (i freaked since i'm used to 93 cents per box of duncan hines). totally worth it; i promise with every bite!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Sorry hun!! Caffeine doesn't affect me at all, but it does to my husband!

Sondra said...

ha ha!! Recently I was an idiot too. I had some yummy diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge and I thought - hay, it doesn't have caffeine in it so it is OK to drink this late in the day. I did it two days in a row and both nights I didn't sleep good at all. Then I was telling my children that diet Dr. Pepper didn't have caffeine it and they laughed and laughed at me. Then we read the label so they could prove that I was wrong.

I was an idiot. It has caffeine in it... oooooh that is why I wasn't sleeping well... double idiot. :-D

farmergalsmarket said...

I discovered Dunkin' Donuts coffee and decided to have a couple cups yesterday afternoon (I never drink coffee after 11 am or so). I was buzzzzzed! I drank some this morning again and am flying high. What is with that stuff? There's something in it that Folgers must not have. Anyhow, I was a little amped up when I went to bed last night but thankfully was able to fall asleep. No more afternoon Pepsi for you or coffee for me... Deal?

Yeah, I don't like that deal either.