Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We had two 16 year old girls come in by ambulance last week.
It was lunch time and the nearby high school kids are taking off like crazy to all the nearest fast food joints.
There was a minor fender-bender.
These two little sophomores were a little shaken up but unharmed.
Paula and I took care of them. (Paula is the nicest, sweetest nurse ever!)
A while later Paula comes out to chart and starts giggling. She's trying not to giggle.
I look at her quizzically.
If it's funny it must be shared....that's an unwritten law.
We thrive on funny in the ER.
She says she was doing the typical triage and asking the million questions we ask.
Paula: "are you allergic to any medication"
16 year old: "uh no"
Paula: "have you had any surgeries in the past?"
16 year old: "no"
Paula: "When was you last period?"
16 year old: "Seminary"
OK maybe I'm tired...but it's been a week and I'm still laughing about it.
So, in other news:
I'm sunlight deficient.
I feel a RANT coming on.
Stay tuned for another edition of Ask-A-Nurse
So hurry and be sure to ask your questions...but use may NOT want to hear the answers.


Yvonne said...

You're right--THAT IS FUNNY.

Can't wait for your next "Ask the Nurse".

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for sharing that...very funny! Kids are so crazy, I'm glad you can find days that are fun and funny in your work! ;D

Kristina P. said...

This made me laugh. Oh, teenagers.

Scrappy Girl said...

I am not sure you could shock me since I am married to a doc...I love his stories! Can't wait to read Ask a nurse!

Sherrie said...

Oh that really is funny and very cute!

Camille said...

That IS funny! That's the type of jokes you see being emailed back and forth! But it happened in REAL life! :)

Happy Mom said...

That's great!

LKP said...

lol, totally a gem!
i remember being that naive once. =)
ooh ooh, i can't wait for the next ask the nurse!
so, why is it a mandate that all doc visits take up MOST of the day and more time than normal people can afford....and really its all sorts of hurry up & wait? what really gets me is after the long wait, the doc walks in, spends MAYBE 5-10 with ya & hardly says a word. what gives oh great one?

Ann Marie said...

I can totally see it! :)

You are right.. with many Doc's and nurses in the family.. if it's funny and or DISGUSTING it has to be shared.. even with us not in the medical field.. ha-ha..

Have I told you I love your background? Yes.. I do..

linda said...

Oh how funny!!

We nurses truly could write a book about the funny things that patients have said. It sure keeps the job interesting doesn't it!?

This is something that happened to me this week:

I'm good friends with one of the doctors that has patients at our facility. She had invited me over for Thanksgiving but I went to my sister's as usual. I ended up breaking my ankle at my sisters so Dr. W mentioned that I should have gone to her house instead! We talked and talked, just catching up since I had been gone for 10 weeks. While Dr. W was writing out orders for me, I said "oh gosh, I'm late for lunch." One of the patients then said "that's because you talked to Dr. W for an hour...on company time!" Granted, this patient is nosy, old, bitter, and the ultimate complainer, but still, isn't it my job to talk to doctors (even though most of the conversation was girl talk!) Dr. W and I had a laugh about this one!

Barbaloot said...

That is great---sounds like a wonderfully naive girl:)

Where do you work in the ER. I have family around Utah that does the hospital thing...but I'm not even sure you're in Utah now that I think of it:)

Kirsten said...

I hope you're making a book of all the funny things that happen in the ER. Seriously! Someday I hope to see it published because it would be a huge hit! Especially with your commentary!

right brain blog said...

So did Paula hold it together during the interveiw or did she totally loose it. . .Too funny!

Connie said...

I think Seminary was my last one too!
Thanks for the chuckle.

LKP said...

yeah yeah i know what you mean on the spongebob deal. so totally not my deal at all. never let daisy get hooked on it. was too annoying. however her "friend" in the group, who's commandeered the entire project mostly, demanded it be based on spongebob. daisy said you have to pick your battles with her. so, that's where the what-evs comes in.

germer?! that's extremely appropriate verification for our house lately. lol.

Beth at Aunties said...

I couldn't get your comment box to open yesterday...but I am still smiling and laughed so hard yesterday! It is 'New Era' worthy. I would send it in and share:-)

Ask a Nurse proves to be promising for many smiles!:)

Ann Marie said...

Hey.. I'm making your french dip sandwiches today.. and I am confused about manwich. Is that sloppy joe dry mix?
Will you let me know?
You can post it on my blog or e-mail me...

Thanks Tauna!

Nef Fam said...

Teeee heee heeeee heeeeee heeeeeeeee!

Hmmmm.... I too am feeling sunlight deficient. Maybe it's time to have a sunshine party and pretend we're in the Bahamas or somethin'.

Small House said...

OH HOW FUNNY! I love visiting wtih teenagers. They are so fun.

You must see all kind of things working in the ER!

Kimmie said...

Way to make me have the giggles...I can't stop giggling after reading this post.

Gotta love the honesty of kids. I'm trying to think as a teenager if I would have been shy or answered so bluntly.

Thank goodness for your post as YES, I am sunshine deprived and at least there is always LAUGHTER to always make any day brighter.

Hope you are having a FUN and exciting day!

Laura said...

O.k., my question is... What is your favorite bodily fluid and why?

That is such a weird/gross/borderline disturbing question. I can't believe I asked it! This should be interesting.

Just Breathe said...

Can't believe she said that.
Very funny!

Mikki said...

Love it!! Such a sweet answer!

Amateur Steph said...

That was laugh out loud funny. Thanks for visiting me. It's nice to 'meet' you!

April said...

I must be sun deficient! I have been on the verge of ranting ALL week! Seminary...hahahaha!

Queenie Jeannie said...

You're pretty awesome yourself!!!

I can't wait til your stamping blog is up!!! (hint!)

Cynthia said...

Snort! I'll be you get all kinds of interesting moments working where you do (and some pretty scary ones too). Glad this one fell in the 'funny' department.

kado! said...

that made me laugh too! how funny!

here's a medical question for 4 year old has recently discovered some equipment he was born with...while he was going to the restroom he told me that he has some "balls" in there and then he squeezed them...which kind-a freaked me out...I told him not to do that because he could really hurt himself. but can he? If he squeezes too hard will they pop? Agh?!

wendy said...

ONLY in Idaho and Utah. That is soooo dang funny.
When I was in my car accident when 17, and I was barely concious, I said to the nurse after being wheeled in from the ambulance "I'm a Mormon you know". She said, "that's nice dear, so am I."

question for the nurse. REALLY, honestly, isn't using Botox putting poison into your body and someday you might wake up without being able to move your lips and talk and blink your eyes, and fart?????
just wondering

gigi said...

I think we need to hold Wendy down and give her a little Botox!! I think she would really love it! I know I do :)

It is refreshing that there is still young women out there that naive!!

Please write a book. You could also take the pictures with that fancy smancy camera. I could come help if you want me to.

I'm really going batty lately and it just got all over me that you wrote this post last week and I just now saw it :( I don't know what is wrong with me, to may classes and to much work and to many puppies to keep it all staright.

Come see me sometime. Although not today it's raining and I want you to come when it is warm and sunshiny.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

The teenagers out here have it so EASY! We had early morning seminary. I use to have a t-shirt that proudly stated, "I survived early morning seminary." Then one day at college it just disappeared. I'm convinced one of my western roommates stole it so they could be super cool. =)
Loved it!
So, i noticed the Idaho temple over there and have to ask, do you have any relations in the Falls? We have some our ward. They own a plant nursery and are famously known for their tomatoes.
Just thought I'd ask.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!

The American Homemaker said...

That is too great!

Victoria said...

I'm going to laugh about that ALL DAY!!! It makes me super-duper, almost unreasonably happy:)

Controlling My Chaos said...

That's funny. I have a friend who is a nurse and I love hearing her ER stories.