Thursday, February 11, 2010

I {heart} rubber gloves!

Weird I know.
But rubber gloves turn me into Superwoman!

I have awesome ninja rubber glove skillz!
I {heart} rubber gloves.
Without them...I couldn't do what I do.
I would cease to exist.
I can do anything that normal humans wouldn't even consider doing.(yes, I am implying that I'm abby-normal)

I haven't tried leaping tall buildings with a single bound....yet.
I love rubber gloves
Rubber gloves have helped me get through many unpleasant experiences.
We've been through a lot together.
Much unpleasantness....which I shall refrain from discussing in great're welcome.
I only wish my nose were DEAF!


Victoria said...

One time I was assigned to visit an elderly, very eccentric lady who had a couple of elderly, eccentric dogs who were sick. I thought old person smell was a little off-putting until I met these dogs... seriously bad smell. I would be in her house for about an hour a few times a week, and I finally devised a plan for nose deafness. It stung a little at first, but I would dot a little peppermint oil right under my nose:) It did wonders. My daughter-in-law has been an RN for about a year, and a CNA for the two or three years before that, and she has a lot of stories that I'm sure you would identify with. It takes a special kind of person to do what you do, gloves or no.

Ann Marie said...

I HEART rubber ( latex free ) gloves too!!

My SIL is an RN... and she keeps me stocked up!

What did they do in the old days? Seriously makes me ill to think about it.

I hear plenty of medical stories in my family with her.. and my brother that is a Doctor back east.
~ All I know is YOU all DESERVE to be paid WELL.
After I had my first baby and saw what the RN had to do for me.. I told her she should be paid a million dollars. True story.

gigi said...

Best invention evah! I keep a box here at the house for all my unpleasent duties!

Mikki said...

I don't know about the gloves, but those are some stylin' scrubs!!!
Seriously, I can't even begin to imagine what horrors your hands would have to contend with. Thank all that is good and holy for this invention.
Good luck on the other
scensory(SP?) organs.

LKP said...

you. are. awesome.
great ideas for my hubby. thanks!

as for rubber gloves, i concur.
all the years in dental, and i have come to have a soft spot in my heart for those wonderful things as well-latex or nitrile, doesn't matter as long as they're POWDER-FREE! ;)

long live rubber-gloved superwoman!

Scrappy Girl said...

I am sure Dr. Hubby shares your appreciation for rubber

Julie Harward said...

Thats funny about the nose! I can't stand to wear rubber gloves...but if I did what you do, I sure would wear them!!! Have a good valentines day and come say hi :D

Kristina P. said...

More power to you!

Happy Mom said...

Needed some this morning. Was out. Whimper.

Just Breathe said...

In your business you better love those gloves. My husbands love them around the house when he works on stuff. I always forget to use them. I have learned how to breathe through my mouth pretty

right brain blog said...

Tauna, you are such a funny girl!!! I'm thankful for people like you that have the stomach for a job that requires latex gloves and needles. . .You look great, love your hair. . .Miss you, sj.

Cherie said...

Rubber Gloves are my best friend.
I am kind of OCD (ok I am) so even though I am not a nurse I keep rubber gloves in my home to use for all kinds of fun things.
What did the world do without them.
I do not even want to think of the things your rubber gloves have seen. LOL

They are good for stealing chocolate from people too and they don't leave fingerprints - I'm just guessing (wink)!

Yvonne said...

I rarely use rubber gloves, but if I were a nurse, I couldn't imagine doing anything without them.

I am grateful for nurses, so I want you to know that I thank you for all you do.

The American Homemaker said...

I so don't wanna know LOL

April said...

Rubber gloves rock! I only wish my nose was deaf! I can smell things a mile away!

Connie said...

I bet you could leap tall buildings in a single bound if you tried. Rubber gloves gives power to do the unpleasant tasks, whether in the hospital or at home.
Too bad we can't do something about the smell of some of those tasks!

linda said...

I go through a box each shift! Now that's alot of glove changing!

Oh the smell thing...again, I can relate, and yes, we WON'T go into detail!

Happy Valentine's Day friend!

Life is good! said...

yeah for latex gloves. latex gloves that pick up and clean up all of the nasty stuff we don't want to touch!!! glad my calling in life is not to be a latex glove!

Kimmie said...

Tauna you make me laugh!! I bet the women you work with just LOVE you!!

I am not really rubber glove lover. I hate the way they feel on my hands.

Other than cleaning the toilet and "highlighting our hair" and dealing with "kid sickness" (when they were younger), I rarely use rubber gloves. My poor hands show it too, as I use LOTS of antibacterial soap followed up by lotion to soften my hands.

SO sorry I missed you last night. I had to bring Jade in for an eye Dr. appt. at 3:30 and then Tracy had one and then we grabbed a bite for dinner and then I dropped by your house on the way home.

Hopefully after sitting in the cold car for 3 hours the cookies were still edible and not "weepy" and mushy. Sorry if they were.

BTW...the way the icicles on your "icicle lights" on your front porch they are awesome the way they have melted and formed. Very cool looking. Howard didn't think so when I complimented them.

Hope you're having a wonderful and GREAT FRIDAY and hopefully you get the weekend off.

Thanks for always being SO nice! I'm so grateful for your friendship!

Small House said...

I AGREE....I'm a secretary by day, then I clean the office I work at on the weekends with my kids. (pays the cell phone bill) And I HAVE to have rubber gloves!!!

Cotten balls up the nose????? hahaha

Sondra said...

I love your ninja skills as a nurse. I think just by being one - you do leap tall buildings and save the world. I still crack up about your post with the stupid driver... you are a funny ninja RN.

OK... now the smell thing would be terrible... When I had my hysterectomy .. I threw up all over the nurse who was making me walk after my surgery.. The poor, poor girl.. I felt so bad.. Darn pain relieving morphine drip. It really does bad things to my tummy and poor little unaware nurses...

Thank goodness for awesome super ninja women like you that take care of us.. You are awesome. Thanks for all you do to keep your patients healthy and happy. You rock!

Queenie Jeannie said...

LOL! I don't wanna know....but I love your sense of humor!!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh my your a hoot...I hate to know what your talking about but I so
Happy Valentines Day

Sherrie said...

I just love your sense of humor and how you always make me smile when I visit your blog. I also love rubber gloves. Now if we could just turn our noses off once in a while! LOL Thanks for making me smile!

Sarah said...

I love your ninja skills. And the comment you left on my last post. I definately almost peed my pants laughing. This is Ratalie bytheway. I'm on my sisters computer and would feel bad logging her out. Anyways yeah you are legit.

farmergalsmarket said...

Rubber gloves... They get us through so many unpleasant experiences. Thank you for not sharing any details!

Chandy said...

I would tend to agree, rubber gloves are definitely superhero makers. lol

Evelyn Perkins said...

I used to work in an ER too and I also ♥ gloves! I also ♥ the work that I did while donning them daily. I miss it. *sigh* But being a SAHM is good too...Come to think of it, I could use some of those gloves for this job too. Haha! Thanks for your kind words on my post!

kado! said...

i {heart} rubber gloves too...well at least plastic ones...without them I would never be able to prepare raw-meat for my boys...I can't touch the stuff with bare-hands! Yuck!

oh...and they are great for applying Vicks too! many uses!