Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My heart hurts...

My third oldest called me a few moments ago.
He told me of a dear friend that he was priviledged to know in Japan. My son served his mission there.
Jamie was in the Navy stationed in Japan.
Nate (my son) was able to baptize Jamie.
Jamie later went on a mission for the church.
Nate kept in touch.
Jamie was married about a year ago.
My phone call from my son a few moments ago was to tell me that Jamie was killed a few days ago.
My heart is hurting for his little bride and I don't even know her.
All I know is that Jamie was a wonderful man and he treated my missionary son like a wonderful friend.
She shares a beautiful tribute.
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Kristina P. said...

What a tragedy.

farmergalsmarket said...

Wanted to send out condolences. Also, when I clicked on the 'here' link it did not work... Just an FYI. Will pray for this family.

LKP said...

my heart goes out to you, your son, his friend's family & wife.
what a blessing to have found the Gospel in such a short time here.
he must have been amazing. might be why Heavenly Father needed him back so soon. perhaps there was a work that only he could do up there.
love you!

Julie Harward said...

Oh, that is so sad...dang, life has some abrupt turns! I hope it will work out for her...just awful. Come say hi :D

Nana said...

Oh, now my heart hurts too. What a tragedy and so young.

Connie said...

We never know what's just around the corner. I just read his wife's blog. She's a strong woman.
Hoping for peace and comfort for all of you.

wendy said...

That is so very very sad.
I can't stand to hear of things like that.
What a beautiful couple.
Why why why.
so many questions in this life.

Happy Mom said...

Life is so beautiful and good and sweet and I'm always thrown off balance when sorrow butts in.

My sister lost her husband to cancer a few years back. Six kids aged 14 years to 18 months. And it was all just so...unfair. When people asked her, "Where would you be without the gospel?", her standard answer was, "Drunk in the gutter." They would always chuckle at that, to which she would very seriously reply, "I'm serious. I'd be a drunk in the gutter without the gospel."

My prayer is that the wife has good friends and family surrounding her and that her testimony is deep and abiding.

Cherie said...

Oh my goodness. That is SO incredibly sad...newlyweds too.
Sometimes life throws some hard things.
His wife wrote a beautiful tribute - I admire that she could even think or function enough to write it.
God Bless and Peace to all.

Just Breathe said...

The tribute she wrote is so beautiful. Her faith is so strong.
I am so sorry. ((HUGS))

Sherrie said...

My heart is hurting too.... that is so sad. I'm so sorry for all his friends and family, especially his wife. I read her tribute and I read his blog. The world did lose a wonderful guy. But I am sure he must be needed badly where is now. Sorry that your heart is hurting!

Lisa said...

Oh that is so sad. What a blessing that she has the gospel and the Holy Ghost to give her strength and comfort.

Queenie Jeannie said...

So very, very sad. But a beautiful love story!!!! Thank you for sharing her with us.

gigi said...

I am sorry your heart hurts and so many others hurt also. So, so sad and yet what a strong young woman and what a tribute and testimony she has of her eternal husband.

The Egan Family said...

Thank you for this Tauna. We loved Jamie, and Nate admired him so much. His wife is so brave.

Camille said...

So sad to get news like that! And even though you never met him, the fact that he was so important to your son probably makes him feel like family to you.
Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways!
Our prayers are with you and this family!

Yvonne said...

My goodness, that is so sad. I just read his wife's blog--she sounds like she is such a strong woman. He sounds like an amazing young man. I hope that the understanding of the Plan of Salvation brings peace to all he left behind.

Nezzy said...

Oh my, my heart goes out to you all. Tragedies like this always make my heart heavy.

God bless and I pray peace upon you all!!!

linda said...

I just went over and watched Jamie's tribute. My heart hurts with you. What a handsome young man with alot of promise.

I will keep his wife and family in my prayers.

Beth at Aunties said...

Oh, my heart. What a terrible shock. I am truly sorry for his precious wife who paid such an eloquent tribute to be beloved sweetheart.
Our oldest (also a pilot)served in the Toyko South mission. What an homor for your Nate, to be the one to teach Jamie about the gospel. His heart must be aching...mine is.
I am glad he had all the gosple blessings in place. He looks and sounded like an outstanding young man!
Please give him my best. I will pray for his wife. ~♥

Mary Z said...

Not fair at all.

Debbie said...

What a terrible loss. I am so sorry for your family and the family of this young man.

Scrappy Girl said...

That is so terrible.

Nef Fam said...

Wow -- that makes my heart ache too. What an incredibly strong wifey he has. She is an amazing example. Thanks for sharing.

Victoria said...

What an amazing girl! The way she talked about how she had somehow been prepared for this moment. Wow. It is so sad, but the very spirituality of it gives me chills. Heavenly Father's plan is awe-inspiring, and if we could see it, we wouldn't want to change a single thing. How lucky your son was to know that boy!!!

Aunt of 14 said...

I am so sorry for the friend's family and your son. This is always a shock, no matter how you prepare for it. The girl sounds so strong.

Kimmie said...

My heart aches as well and now that I am crying I can't even type.

I just went to read her thoughts. What a beautiful couple and SO sad that their love story ended so early.

I can't even imagine losing my sweetie!

What peace the gospel brings to know that we will be together again with our loved ones. SO neat that they got married in the Temple even though many of their family and friends couldn't attend and so great that they did a ring ceremony to include their loved ones in their special day.

I don't think we realize when we do write down our feelings how much they will benefit those that read them. What a testimony it is to faithfully keeping a journal.

Thanks for sharing this Tauna and for helping me dwell on the wonderful things in my life. {Hugs}!

April said...

So sad for this young family. Glad they have friends like you.

Mikki said...

So very sad.
What a beautiful tribute, and what a strong, faithful young woman.
How fortunate that your son was able to be such a very important influence in his life.
Sending my prayers.

Small House said...

OH DEAR...how heartbreaking. At times like this I'm always at a loss for words. It's just such a tragedy for his loved ones and close friends.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am really very sorry to hear this. Please tell your son that he is in our prayers and you my dear also.
I came by here to say thank you for praying for my Christi but we have heard nothing yet. Oh how I hate waiting on news like this.
Love you

LKP said...

oh lady, i'm so glad to hear from both you & cheri!!! especially since last i knew from ya was this sad post. hope your family is hanging in there alright.
as for the keyboard, yes. i am washing pretty much everything as i go. me, my germ-x & can of lysol are inseparable! after i clean, i germ-x my hands, and then lysol whatever i just clean to be EXTRA safe. maybe i'm paranoid, but this crud is nasty and i don't want ANYBODY to get it. dates to the urgent care? you're right your husband rocks! just like mine. =) have a fab weekend. thanks for the smile!

Brenda said...
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Brenda said...

Oh my goodness. What a shock. I know Jesse. I was her Young Women leader and very good friends with her family. She is the sweetest girl and has a wonderful family.

Jesse is full of life and has a radiant smile that will light up a room.

My heart is breaking for her and Jamie's family. My deepest sympathy goes out to all of you.

My prayers are with sweet Jesse and to all his family. How blessed your son is to be the one to teach him the gospel.

It's a small world.
Blessings to you all.
Love, Brenda

Brenda said...

So very sad...and what a lovely young couple. It makes you wonder why we need to learn life lessons like this!

Hilary said...

Tauna you are so sweet- I love his dimples too, I was just exhausted because he didn't sleep well the night before and didn't want to sit in meetings... and Russ has had to work or has been out of town for several Sundays recently so I'm a bit worn out, that's all :)

The American Homemaker said...

That's so sad :(

Julie said...

How sad..my son-in-law is in the USAF...and I hate to admit - but I do worry about him sometimes..

Enjoyed my visit to your blog!


Chandy said...

Oh, Tauna... My heart goes out to you and you son and his friend's family. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. I sure do appreciate you.

His friend's mission awaits him in heaven...

kado! said...

how sad.