Friday, January 20, 2012


Last post....sunshine.
The last four days........bitter cold wind.
I really shouldn't complain though.
I have yet to shovel snow this year!
While many have been buried in snow.
Not us.

All around us road closures.
School closures.

Here, I'm raking lawn.
It's brown and ugly, but it is lawn!

I complained so much last year,
the weather must have been afraid to snow.

And speaking of my big mouth......

I just want to remind everyone that there are still tickets available to attend The Story @ Home Conference!
March 8-10 2012 in Salt Lake.
It is two days of workshops, lectures and entertainment. It's about telling your stories and family history and blogging!
I am looking forward to going and putting faces with those blogs I love reading and hanging out with bloggers I have met!
There's a gift package available that includes the ticket and hotel.
Click on the links to get more info.


Connie said...

I guess the weather god's fear you. Isn't that unusual for your neck of the woods to not have any snow yet?

Barbaloot said...

This is no good. I was just enjoying lovely sunshine today. But if you're experiencing cold and snow, I guess we're headed that way as well. Boo.

Emmy said...

That sounds like a fun conference- but right around my husband's birthday so he probably wouldn't like it if I ran off and left him for a couple of days then.

The weather really has been crazy everywhere

Brenda said...

Looks like a fun conference! Happy to hear you've had a lot of Sunshine. Stay warm! Have a great weekend!
Love, Brenda

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Why can't we live on the same side of the country?

Valerie said...

It's actually pretty warm in Utah today, at least my part. I've enjoyed this un-wintery weather.

Yvonne said...

We have been so cold here. For a long time we didn't have snow--we do now ; )

That conference sounds so great.

Connie said...

Of course it's afraid to snow! You let Mother Nature know you weren't happy with her last year!
Can't wait to see your cute face in March!

" Hit It......." said...

Thank you for posting that about the conference. I will see if I can get work off. If not, let's get together for lunch (all bloggy friends) while you are here.

I would love to meet you.

wendy said...

I am sure mother nature wouldn't want to mess with you.(tee,hee) I think she (not YOU) can be a real beeahtch sometimes.

as you know we have been freezing our melons off here, but WE TOO have had little snow. We have about 1/2 inch around is all.
but hey, on the bright side, it is supposed to get above zero this weekend.....heck I think I'll bring out the lawn chairs.

Kristina P. said...

It was about 55 today. I am loving life.

Saimi said...

Just keep raking those leaves cause I bet the snow is a coming....maybe as of now its all over here. It picked up again and is really coming down!!

The bloggers conference sounds fun!

Life is good! said...

i'm missing the snow! as soon as we get it i will be complaining though.

gigi said...

I knew it was to good to be true!

Still need a plane ticket under $500.00! Begining to think I'll just save the money and stay home. I don't know, I was really looking forward to coming so I guess I'll keep looking. Maybe I should start playing the lottery or sitting on the corner with a sign and an empty cup :)

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

It snowed one inch here last night and I think we are getting 2 more! The littles are prepping their boots, suits, and sleds! TGIF!

Anonymous said...

We've had lots and lots of rain! Wishing you a nice weekend, Tauna.

Ann Marie said...

So is the hotel seperate from the conference or one package all together? I am confused.

I just hope I get to see all of you.

And... I could rake or mow here too.. and even though it's yucky brown grass to see... I am NOT complaining.

Mikki said...

And you continue to tempt the fates!!! Yikes.

I would love to attend that conference. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to make it though.

Heather said...

We haven't had much snow either!

I am sad I won't make the conference. I will probably have my new baby by then.

tammy said...

My mom lives right at the foothills of the mountains in UT. She said the mountains got dumped on and then the storm completely missed her house and hit my brother's house down in the valley which is really strange. I think the weather gods just like to mess with us.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well let's hope it continues to stay calm so you don't have to shovel this year!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

We actually have a white lawn today, though I'm guessing it won't last long!
And I signed up for the conference just last week! Can't wait!

mCat said...

I went about this backwards. Saw the FB picture before I read the blog post. Either way, we got screwed with the snow. And I blame you.


Marydon said...

I think everywhere is having very unusual weather this year. Small snow yesterday, we are white & spitting snow today. Very pretty.

Enjoy the conference ..
Have a great week ~

LKP said...

hey what's all of our's lodging plans? was talking it over with mr you-know-who the other night. and i started to stress a little realizing that i purchased my tickets but hadn't done anything about where to stay yet. email me or text me or call me or whatever! k, really goinng back to bed now, my belly's starting to hurt. :(

lub u.