Monday, January 2, 2012


Everyone has a word of the year!
I'm feeling pressure to get one.
But my brain is mush.

I want something to inspire me.

It's going to be a hard year with some hard things.
That's just the things I know about
Pretty sure there are some other tough things in
the works that I don't know about.

So I'm just looking for the perfect word.

I love Momza's
and Cherie's
and Keeley's

I thought about "hang on tight" but that's three words.

I haven't even thought about resoulutions yet!
I better get busy!


Kerin said...

Oh.. I read each of those other posts..and you're right. All good!

For me... this is my year to shine!!

Maybe 'Shine' could be your word too, and all that it means.

Have a great week...and I can't wait to see what will be your word!

Cherie said...

You do need a word - I could give you one but you might not like it - BaHahhhhhhaaaaahahahhaha Just kidding - I slay myself!! Giggle
For instance this year your word could be COKE - Ha! Drink more of it!

OK, seriously you totally need a word I know you'll come up with a good one. Make sure it rhymes with something - I am loving that :-D Could be our nicknames at the Conference. Hhhhmmmmmm food for thought.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I don't have a word. Forget resoulutions, they set us up for failure! So Clutch would be a good one for Hold on tight!

Saimi said...

Exhilarate....Yeah, exhilarate! about Enliven...Oh, I'll get back to you if something comes to mind...mine is also mush!

wendy said...

I don't know....a WORD seems like a pretty personal thing.
You could always stick with TSUNAMI.
I'll have to think of a word for you.
I think mine will still need to be
WELLBUTRIN. (tee,hee)
good word right now.

gigi said...

I have no word either, whatever! Hey, maybe that could be it!

Anonymous said...

Well, you have me stumped. We've got to think up a word!

lesa said...

I'd help you out but I'm working on my own word :)

Connie said...

How about a hyphenated word? Instead of hang on tight you could have "white-knuckle" that could rhyme with chuckle so you and foxy moxie could be rhyme sisters at the conference. Or better yet you could do just the opposite and be "hang-loose". Then you could be loosey goosey.
Ok, I've had 4 nights on baby duty and I'm tired!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Be audacious!! (Sounds better than just merely bold.) Hugs!

Barbaloot said...

The beauty of it being your word is that you can make it three words if you want. I vote you do whatever inspires you most:)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love the one word idea.

I've been trying to think up a phrase for our family. Other than my usual, "Be Nice!!!"

StitchinByTheLake said...

Sounds to me like you need a little FOCUS! blessings, marlene

just call me jo said...

I'd say "tenacious" because it is alliterative with your first name. But really, the choice is yours. It's your word, missy. I'm sure you'll come up with one that's ideal.

" Hit It......." said...

I loved Cherie's post; and I need a word as well. It's a great idea

Furry Bottoms said...

I'm thinking my word of the year might be DISCIPLINE. I haven't had a word of the year before... never wanted to commit to it. But Discipline seems a good one for me... to keep me on the right path. For you, how about Joy? I keep thinking about that story that you told, of the woman who gave birth before arriving at the hospital. And that you were there to receive the baby and carry it inside its first earthly building for the first time. I thought "JOY" at that time. Just an idea!

Furry Bottoms said...

Waaaaait a minute. You said you needed a word to INSPIRE you. That's it right there... let your word be INSPIRATION or something. Strive to look for inspiration in everything in your life for the next year? Ok ok My two cents are spent. Happy new year!

Connie said...

Cherie was one of those who inspired me to find a word for the year. If you have some trials that you know are coming and trying to prepare for those you don't yet know about then how about EMBRACE.
Embrace whatever comes your way.
Or maybe embrace your loved ones and hold on tight.
Good luck finding your word.

Mikki said...

Who says it has to be one word? I think a phrase or a mantra or a motto works too. And I love "Hold on tight".
I love Gigi's idea though--whatever! lol

Happy New Year!

Momza said...

Ha! I wish I could give you a word! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I don't have a word either, so I'm afraid I'm not going to be very helpful! And resolutions? Oh no. I'm not even gonna bother!

Heather said...

I like what Kerin said shine. That is a great word!

If it were me, I might choose chillax. I need to not sweat the small stuff all the time.

Ginger said...

How about... "No means no! And sometimes yes means no too!"... Oh wait... that's the one I use for my kids... haha...

How about "Abundant Life" to go along with Pres. Monson's article in the Jan. Ensign?

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well honey are you sure you want me to think of a word.
I don't like the sound of this post have I missed something on what is going on this year with you.
Off to see if you mentioned something I don't know about.
My word this year is productive.

WhisperingWriter said...

I don't have a word either.

I should tell myself to Put Down The Chocolate though.