Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What have I been doing?

I certainly haven't been blogging. I have managed to stay busy in search of huckleberries. I have loved tromping through the hills in search of the perfect patch. I love lodgepole pine trees. I love sitting on the side of a mountain watching them move in the breeze. I love huckleberries. I've made huckleberry cheesecake, huckleberry muffins, huckleberry pie, eaten frozen huckleberries, I LOVE everything about huckleberries.

We have also been a little busy with grandkids. This past Saturday we went to Utah and watched grandchild #2 be baptized and confirmed. What a great day!
We brought the 4 grandkids home with us so their mommy and daddy could take off for a week to celebrate their 10th anniversary. We have 4 small people for a week.....ages 9,8,5,3.....what were we thinking?

We decided to take them on an adventure and go through Jackson Hole, Wyoming and drive through the park and end up in West Yellowston, Montana. We stayed the night in West Yellowstone. In fact, we are still there.....I love the internet.

I thought the kids would so totally be blown away with Jackson Hole. The town square is so cutesy.

No so much. However, they thought the little candy store in Jackson Hole was awesome. You get to pick up a basket and fill 'er up. Mercy, that wasn't so smart on our part.

We thought they would get a kick out of the geysers and hot pots in Yellowstone...not so much....

They did like Old Faithful, it was pretty spectacular.

We thought they would think the town of West Yellowstone would fascinate them....not so much. However, the pool at the condo was sooooo awesome.

So after 9 hours in the car with 4 children grandpa and I decided one thing: Kids haven't changed much have they?

We are having a blast with them. What a fun chance to spoil, bond and enjoy them.

We'll be heading back to Utah with them tomorrow and will stay there with them so they can go to school, cub scouts, soccer practice, soccer, dance lessons......it makes my tired ache to think about it.


Ann Marie said...

What good Grandparents to take them on a road trip! By the looks of the pictures.. they seem to be enjoying themselves!

Your going to be in our neck of the woods! Fun-fun!

Kristina P. said...

I haven't been to Yellowstone in years. What a fun trip!

gigi said...

You are the bes kind of GRANDma! So fun and you are right kids haven't changed much!
Yall enjoy them and try and get some rest.
Oh, Happy Day!

Cherie said...

I recognized that Antler Arch right away - I love Jackson Hole!!
Well you have proven that you are not only a GREAT Grandma you are a downright AWESOME Grandma - What a fun road trip!! Really cute pictures and cute grandkids!!!

Kim said...

Hey, sista from another mother, What fun! Just think no ER crap to deal with just 4 beautiful little spirits.

Glad to see you enjoying yourself and hearing that you are hunting your favorite fruit "huckleberries" down.

The best part is you will only be one hour away, but the sad thing is I am laid up for a bit. Had bi-lateral knee surgery yesterday. Feeling pretty decent, haven't needed any pain meds (yet), hope I don't. Tried Ultram yesterday. Brendon was the lucky (not) person to watch me vomit throughout the day.

Sure hoping to see you, we'll have to see. Give me a call or email me. Let me know how things are going. When do you go back home?
Sure do love you.

g.suzie said...

So it sounds like you're going to need a few days of recovery when you get home. Cute grandkids and the grandparents are pretty awesome people! Lol:)

Kirsten said...

Us and the Flamm's took our kids to Jackson Hole 2 weeks ago. The candy store was my FAVORITE!