Monday, September 14, 2009

The Mask

We left Utah Sunday night after being the "psuedo parents" for a week to four awesome grandkids. We survived and so did they. It was fun, but it was busy. I'm not sure how my DIL does it all! Soccer, scouts, dance, homework....mercy the homework!

I was able to make it out of the state without being arrested. If you're curious about that check here. I also made it out of the state without making it to IKEA. I still feel ripped off. Apparently I had just ONE MORE exit to go and I would have made it. I was sorta OK with it, until KADO let me know they had free childcare AND a place to eat! Seriously???? That is a most brilliant marketing plan ever thought of. I would have wandered there for the week! (I wonder if an IKEA person would have done soccer, scouts, dance and homework...hmmmm.)If anyone knows the number and email to the IKEA CEO please forward that onto me. Clearly, I think he/she would appreciate hearing from an almost customer.

While I was in Utah I did leave with more than I came with. Peaches, tomatoes and this little number:

This is a rhinovirus, it came home with me, completely took up residence in my rhino(aka: schnazzola)
This is now me:

I had to go to work today for a staff meeting. We were informed that ER personnel, those on the "front line" will get first access to the flu vaccine that is now available for us and also for the H1N1 vaccine the first part of October. I'm not sure I'm too interested in either. It doesn't make sense to be vaccinated against last year's virus. (yes, that is what it is) I try not to buy into the hysteria thing and get my nikkers in a twist. Don't's just my opinion.
Until I'm over this rhinocerous that is living in my sinuses right now I'm not getting one now for sure. Undecided about later. I was told if I choose NOT to be vaccinated I must wear a facemask while at work.
Trying to come up with a downside to that one.
If I'm wearing a facemask I can....
1-avoid getting sick from being sneezed on, barfed on or coughed on. I'm OK with that.
2-I don't have to put on make up....awesome.
3-I don't have to put on a smile....ya, OK with that one too.
4-I would avoid getting wrinkles caused by the sun...oh, no natural light in our ER, nevermind.
5-Easier to hide the Vicks Vaporub that is shoved in the nostrils to mask the ever present odors, if fact I could smear the stuff all over the inside of the mask!
6-Stick my tongue out at coworkers...sounds like a blast!
Well, I'm just sayin' I can't think of a reason NOT to wear a facemask!
So which one do ya think? Which one is really making a statement?


Also, the hubby flies to Chicago next week. I think he should also consider one of these little numbers to make his flight safer and much more enjoyable. I wonder if he'd get past airport security.


Kristina P. said...

I think you should get a sexy Lady Gaga mask.

gigi said...

Sorry about bringing home the virus. I'm tellin ya, we catch everything from the little carriers we call GRANDchildren!! But we just keep going back for more, we can't stay away.
I really think the mask is a better alternative and with all the pro's you listed I think you should go with it.
Sorry again about you missing IKEA.

Ann Marie said...

Your so funny!

We are so opposite this way.. I'd be standing in line for the vaccines! I am a hypochondriac..and if I even THINK for a second something could help.. I'm there--doing it.

I am sorry your sick.. hope you feel better soon!

The Karrens said...

Thanks for making me laugh, again. I love to hear your stories. Nita isn't to thrilled about the vaccine either. You two should paint your masks and then you could make more of a statement, don't ya think?

Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

I totally needed a good laugh today. I was blog stalking and thought...I wonder what Tauna has to say, I am always pleasantly entertained when I read Tauna and Joann's blog's so I will checkser out. I am happy to announce, I have been entertained today. By the way, I think the mask wearing idea is grand!

Cherie said...

You are so funny! I think you would definately rock the mask!

On a more serious not what do you think of the Swine Flu Vaccine that is coming.

I have never had a flu vaccine shot in my life. Wondering if this is going to help. I now know the flu shot this year is worthless.

What are your thoughts oh nurse??

P.S. Hope the Rhino leaves soon - Ick!

Nana said...

I have not been blogging for a few. If I had known you were in Utah we could have gone to lunch. I have a great closet we could have locked the kids in.

I would go for the mask look. There are to many good reasons that you gave us not to.

Mary Z said...

Tauna Tauna, get the shots. We just got back from South America where it is winter. They have been ravaged by the H1N1 flu.
Lots of people wearing masks still.
I liked your list of reasons to wear a mask. I tought of one more. You could store little treats in the corner and just lap them up when desired. Think of M&M's just waiting to be eaten.

wendy said...

What a good grandma you are!!!! even though we love the grandkids, it does get a little exhausting eh. I used to have energy like that ------USED TO.
I have to go in and read about your NOT getting arrested in Utah, sounds interesting.
sorry you have a "bug"
go with the face mask -------I think I'll start wearing one after all those good reasons you just gave. Also, you wouldn't have to brush your teeth --you forgot that one.EAT GARLIC - on purpose.
you are so funny

Kimmie said...

Your sense of humor is hilarious and you always make me laugh!!

Laughter makes any day better!

It's good to hear that you are even hesitant about getting vaccinated. My hubby and I try and take our health into our own hands (we don't go to the doctor for every little sniffle or ache and pain) and so I just don't want to get my my "knickers in a twist" if I don't have to.

I think being sensible is a key factor! I am with Cherie..."Oh Nurse, what are your thoughts" on this matter?

I hope you're feeling better. I wish I could bring you a smoothie that I am eating right now (huckleberries, blueberries, strawberries fresh pineapple and yogurt), OR better yet, some homemade tomato soup. :-)

Enjoy your day!!

Kado! said...

I totally do NOT believe in flu vaccinations! Not gonna do it...last year I got talked into having my oldest get the flu shot for the first time in his life...2 days later....he was super sick! I knew my gut-instinct was right...never again...I don't care how they try to scare me.

...oh...and you can "be-dazzle" you go with all your HOT is that!!!??

and so far I have only been able to get IKEA to watch the little one for ONE hour! Then they beep my little pager they let me borrow...I'm not sure what they do if you don't answer...not sure I want to find out (they probably make your child assemble their furniture) ;)