Friday, July 10, 2009

A week of camping!

We just got home and cleaned up the camp trailer from 5 days of cooking, cleaning, stinking like a camp fire and having a BLAST! I'm not sure if I'll recover or if my washer and dryer will ever stop running, but it was sure fun! I'm going to have to steal some pictures from my DIL cause I was cameraless.
I saw a bald eagle take a fish out of the river and fly off with it, that was so awesome! We floated down the river a billion times...OK I exaggerate a little. But we were wet. I was carried off by the Idaho state bug.....the mosquito....OK I wasn't carried off, just eaten alive!
I spent time with my two awesome sons and their beautiful wives and the most darling grandchildren in the world.....even with s'more smeared faces! Hope to go again SOON!


Kristina P. said...

Camping in a trailer is so the way to go.

Mary Z said...

NO CAMERA??? What is up with that?

Kim said...

Sounds like you had a BLAST!!!! Glad you were able to get away. Just think, at least you don't have to do laundry like the pioneers, they used their own muscle, we have machines to do it for us. . .except for the folding.

Dang it!

gigi said...

Fun good times! If I've got to camp it better be in a trailer. Anytime spent with the kids and GRANDS is fun to me.

Have an awesome wonderful week ahead. Thinking of you and your family with warm smiles.

Cherie said...

CAmping is THE BEST!!
I love that you had such a great week with your kids and grandkids - That is THE BEST too!!

How cool to see an Eagle take a fish out of the water. WOW!!

There is always alot of laundry but it is so totally worth it!!

Where did you guys go?

R Max said...

I love camping.

The kind of camping that involves hotel rooms, comfy beds, air conditioning and plumbing.