Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Spontaneous Trip

In my previous post I went on and on about my friend Nita and her exciting life. Little did I know how mine was going to drastically change a few days later. I worked the weekend in the ER. Two days of injury, accidents, sickness, vomit and all sorts of other VERY exciting things. Twelve hours is a long day. I even had to stay an extra 2 hours Sunday night to assist with yet another ambulance. By the time I got home Sunday night I was beat.
My better half had a business trip and he left in the wee hours of Monday morning. Ahhhh, sleeping in........bliss.

The phone rings and my BFF from high school called. She was on her way to West Yellowstone and she wondered if I had free time and would I like to come up and stay with her. She had brought her darling talented daughter to a camp at the Playmill Theater for the week. My BFF had tickets to the shows and deluxe accomodations to one of the finest hotels in West Yellowstone. Let's see.....hubby gone....17 year old daughter in Texas with older sibling....laundry here at home.....grass that needs to be swathed....hmmmm....decisions, decisions.....uh, "Ya! I'll see you in few hours!" Woo hoo!

I arrived right on time, beautiful drive only 80 minutes from my house. Why don't I go there more often?

My friend and I were inseparable in junior high and high school having moved to the small farming community just days apart and entering 9th grade at the same time. We were pretty nerdy, OK, I was nerdy, but she liked me anyway.

The second I arrived we started talking mid-sentence where we left off 2 years earlier! Don't ya love friends like that?

We did a little shopping, bought twin jackets, enjoyed the Playmill show and went out to dinner at a highly recommended place.

The accomodations that she had chosen were truly deluxe.(I think in the off season they use this room to hang meat)

The bed only had one hair on the sheets, we won't discuss the condition of the bathroom.
Our second day there we ate "brinner" at this famous pizzaria. Our pizza was called a Buffalo Bill or something westerny like that. It was baked beans, red onions, pulled pork and barbeque sauce. Most delicious for a "brinner". I say brinner because we hadn't had breakfast because we slept in till noon because we had stayed up until 3:00 AM laughing and talking like the dorks we were in high school. We laughed about our biology class and dissecting frog guts and taking the frog gonads into Seminary. We didn't really take the gonads, we didn't know what they were, but it was a new word we had learned and thought we were funny. Seriously, I did not know that word when I was 15. I'm tellin' ya we were dorks.

It's been a long time since I've laughed that hard. My face still hurts and my belly is still full. We devoured that entire pizza! All 12 inches of it. We ate like teenagers instead of two woman staring menopause in the face.

We wandered all over Yellowstone acting like tourists, buying homemade fudge, taffy and carmel corn which was promptly spilled in the next store that we went in. We didn't go into the park and see Old Faithful even though we were minutes away. I'm just going to have to assume that Old Faithful still is.

We are different now, this BFF and I. We are married, we both have children. I'm a grandma...she isn't. She's a little bit vain however, she's had some augmentation surgery. Ya, she's kinda like that. She wasn't happy with her own kidneys, so she had one transplanted, I still have my originals. She got really sick in high school and over the last (*&^#*& cough) years she's slowly gone into kidney failure. She had a wonderful cousin that gave one of hers about 18 months ago. It's so awesome to see her so healthy now.

I had a blast! It was so fun to be spontaneous (this was huge for me...I have control issues) I love you Peggy! Thanks!


Kristina P. said...

I am going on a girl's weekend tommorrow, and so excited! I haven't been to Yellowstone in many, many years.

Nana said...

How fun!!! I like to stay in places that have at least 2 hairs in the bed. ha ha ha.

I love love love Yellowstone!!!!!!
We stay at the Hybernation Station in the Winter. My DIL's family owns the place. I hope that is not where you stayed.

In the Summer we love to R.V. around the place.

Kim said...

Hey my dear friend~Since I am soooo jealous and I want some spontanity in my life--I am thinking of heading up your way. It would be for a couple of days so I can hopefully go to BYUI Education Week. If I end up making the trip it will be be July 31-Aug 1.

So my question to you--are you free? Let me know so we can spend some time together.

funky bag freak said...

How Fabulous! I love girls weekends! You are too stinkin adorable!

Jeppesens said...

It is so great to have friends like that. They are hard to find! Glad you had a good get a way. You deserve it!

Sondra said...

what a fun get away. I love Yellowstone too ... but it has to be much more fun with a BFF. I'm glad you were able to go and enjoy the deluxe room!

Anna Belle said...

Hey, I just came over from Shelley's site. Your site is wonderful. I love your writing. Reading about the time you spend with your BFF just makes me smile. I brought back some good memories. I love spending time with long time friends (notice I did not say old friends). Glad to meet you.

gigi said...

I'm so proud of you for throwing caution to the wind and just going for it!! I'd have done the same thing. You go girl!!

So glad Peggy got a kidney!! I sure know how much better she feels not going to dialysis anymore. A whole new life. 5 years now for the sweetheart and things have been great since day one! How blessed they both are.

GingerV said...

just happened to catch you - and was fun, spontaineous - life is like that.