Friday, July 17, 2009

I get SO irritated!

I hate laziness! I mean really really hate it! I work 12 hours shifts, usually running my rear-end off (well I wish it were gone) starting IV's, starting hearts, bandaging bloody digits or other parts...just a regular day. I get up at the butt-crack 'O dawn and work for 12 hours! I hate laziness! When I get home at night, that's when the real work begins! I'm tellin' ya those living in my house better be ready for work! If I'm workin' everybody is workin'.
Slothfulness will not be tolerated.

So what's with this?

(No, in case you're worried, he's not dead, he only looks like it!)
And then there's this loafer!

I mean come on!!!!!!!!! It's nearly 9:30 AM! The day's half over!

I've got three words for you people:


The Egan Family said...

You failed to mention that you were probably snuggled up next to him briefly before shooting those pictures. Hahaha He takes after his Daddy-he likes to sleep!

Cherie said...

Those are cute pictures!
You crack me up!!

BTW the nurses in the hospital that took care of my grandmother before she passed away the other week were amazing.
It is not an easy job to be a nurse - even if you love it.

I send you a Thank You for all you do!! I know you help people everyday and that is a blessing.

Sondra said...

A Mom's job is never done... and a working Mom's job is just insane! I feel your pain.. 9:30 and still in bed - oh the shame *wink*

I love reading your blog - your usually make me laugh out loud.

Ann Marie said...

Such cute pictures!
You made me smile too! Thanks!

I agree with Cherie! I can't thank doctors and nurses enough! They have to deal with way more than $ can pay! You are awesome!

gigi said...

So precious! I sure am glad you could find your camera.

I'm sorry I've been a little picture distracted. I'm makeing the rounds trying to catch up on everyone. Boy you sure got busy if I was 3 posts behind on you :) Good for you!

Thank you so much for all your kind words and comments! Everyone was just to kind and that really helped my self esteem as a budding photographer. I haven't even had my camera a year yet. There is so much about it that I still don't know. I was scared to death that I was going to screw them up some how. I did a lot of praying and God hears and answers prayers. That was hard work. I know now why photographers charge so much :)

Erin said...

We only WISH we could sleep as much as they do!

Cute post.

Kado! said...

yeah....I'm gonna be a cat in my next life...what a life to sleep all day long....