Monday, June 15, 2009

What a weekend!

My oldest child came home for a visit. She lives far away in a land called Houston. She doesn't get home much. It's kinda of a big deal because she has a little girl, and she's growing up without me seeing it! I don't like that very much.

When Lynsey comes home, the other family members like to come and see her. I love when that happens. Then it's a full house of mass chaos, just like in the olden days...only better. Cause now there is more and I firmly believe that more of anything is better. More cookies is better than less cookies isn't it? More fire-starter is better for bigger camp fires isn't it? If a little Roundup is good for killing weeds, more is better.....uh, where was I? Oh, ya. More chaos.
Well, it's fun to have everyone come home because now I'm not responsible. They are. It's fun to watch them with their children. It's fun when I see them do things that they swore they would NEVER do with their kids.....I get a certain giggle from that.

Anyway, in a matter of 3 days I took and downloaded 770 photos of my grandchildren...because more is better, right? So this may be a very long post....JUST KIDDING! I would never dream of posting all 770 pictures of the most darling grandchildren on the planet...well, maybe.... But I shall share some of the best of the best. Besides, my better half had to fly to a land far away yesterday (Batesville, Indiana-land of caskets and hospital beds) and didn't get to see the shennanigans these kids were up to. (His being there has nothig to do with caskets or hospital beds, I just think that it is interesting that the company that makes one also makes the other......I need to ponder that one for awhile.)

Of course I think it's OK to allow children to play with medicine cause I'm an awesome grandma and nurse.

This is grandchild #5, he's such a little monkey! ( And seriously, after I took the pictures I took the medicine away, please don't call CPS)

This is grandchild #1, the oldest, the one that turned me into a grandma. What an awesome kiddo this one is!

This is grandchild #2, he's such an awesome kid. (I said that once already didn't I?...well, more is better)

This is grandchild #3 with his little cousin, grandchild #6. He's so cute!
Then there is this one.....grandchild #4.......a force to be reckoned with.

#4 is the baby sister to #1 and #2 and #3. How is it that a little girl in a household of three rambunctious boys is such a GIRL...a princess...and she rules the roost. I love watching that!

So here's a picture with all of them #1-6! (one under protest)! Aren't they the cutest? I do have beautiful grandkids, but I also have beautiful children (they take after the gray-haired guy on the sidebar)
Oldest and youngest are girls, three boys in the middle, however the tallest is NOT the oldest.

These are my five children!
I love that they have a great time when they are together.

This is everyone with their spouses except Nick who is in Houston. We missed you, NICK!
There was a lot of this:

Apparently my sons think that they are professional wrestlers who belong on TV....whatever.
Another thing that I really loved was seeing my children with their children in church, ya it was nice that they were in church, but my favorite part is seeing their children be naughty, and seeing my children take them out and walk the halls and take them out again....I really enjoyed that part. Am I bad?

I love these people! AND.....there's gonna be a #7, but I think it's still a secret.
So, there ya have it. I didn't post 770 pictures of the cutest people on the planet, but I might have come close.


Kristina P. said...

I always love when I'm able to get together with all my siblings. What a great time!

Mary Z said...

What a great weekend you had. And yes more is better. We saw our newest this weekend. He is still ibn NICU in SLC. Also I have been to Batesville on a hospital buying trip. It is a wonderful place caskets and all.

Connie said...

Having the grandkids come to visit is a little bit of heaven - especially when they all finally go home!
You do have cute grandkids!
I also have a daughter in Houston but I haven't seen her in 16 months. Two more and she comes home! Hooray!
Thanks for sharing the pictures and thanks for not sharing all 770!
It's nice that all of your kids get along! What a fun weekend!

Cadance said...

That was such a fun post to read! I can totally see what a good time you all had together! You have a beautiful family!!!!

Dream Weaver Family said...

That is one nice looking family, and you all look like you are having such fun together, I hope I get to see that for myself someday(I GUESS)?Anyway, your grandkids are darling what a Grandma. See you on Tuesday, get some sleep.

Ann Marie said...

I'm sure my Mom and Dad get the same satisfaction with me because I said I would NEVER be like them, and I am JUST like them! :)

Your kids are cute. I had to do a double take.. I thought I dated one of your sons. ha-ha

Your grandkids are cute.. and I can see how loved they are. It looks like you need a few more Granddaughters to make it even..

I love to be with my 5 siblings. It is all chaos as we all love to talk, and so do all of the grandkids.. but it's fun!!

gigi said...

I tried to leave you a message this morning but got cut off, I'm going to try again.

I love getting to see what a beautiful family you have. Those GRAND~kids are so stinkin cute. Those blue eyes on the two in that first picture are awesome. I just have this thing about blue eyed babies. Seems as if they just melt my heart.

I've rescued a couple of babies from the hall at church :)
I love it when those parents get the pay back...

Bring on the other 760 pictures. What are friends for if it isn't to look at all your pictures with you :)

Sunshine and smiles and many blessings.

The Egan Family said...

Someone in our family is pregnant? Really? Guess I missed the news...