Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby!

I got you on my mind....I think that was a song in our era. Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you Happy Anniversary. I hope you read this today. I love you. I always have and I always will.
I remember you with black hair, only streaked with gray.
I remmeber you as a very gentle daddy, singing to our babies.
I remember you as a farmer, on a tractor and a horse.
I remember the best of you.
Cause you are still the best.

How did 31 years pass so quickly? Wasn't it just yesterday?

I'm sorry that you are two time zones away. I'm sorry we aren't together today (I'm at Girls Camp this week...remember?)
I hope your day is a good one!
I love you!

You are my better half!


Kristina P. said...

Happy anniversary to one hot couple!

Dream Weaver Family said...

That is soooo nice, but really to bad you are away from each other on this special day! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both, and I hope even apart you both a ver special Day!! Love you both, Becca

gigi said...

Hey I know, maybe he'll buy you a new car as a surprise for being separated :)
Celebreat twice as much when yall get back together after this long week apart.

funky bag freak said...

WOO HOO! Happy 31 years! What an awesome example you two are.

Mary Z said...

Who let two kids like you get married. Were you 15?

Cherie said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!
I love seeing long happy marraiges.
I love the tribute to your husband - especially that you remember him with black hair only streaked with gray! (that one tugged at my heartstrings!)
The years fly by so fast!!
Glad you got to celebrate with a S'more (wink wink)!!

Cherie said...

Tauna you won you won!!

wendy said...

You are such a cute cute COUPLE. HOPE YOUR ANNIVERSARY WAS A GOOD ONE. Sorry I haven't been blogging lately I AM MOVING. Been busy, I will have to blog about that hopefully this weekend

Jan the crazy lady said...

Sorry I am very late on wishing you a Happy Anniversary. I hope you are together soon. :)

You made me cry about your son that served in Iraq.. big hugs to the proud mamma. And I believe in the good of this country too.

gigi said...

I was thinking about you today and wondering if you survived Girls camp :)

Ann Marie said...

What a cute tribute!
I love that you were a June bride also! Happy Anniversary! I hope you can celebrate together soon!

Kado! said...

OH!!! You guys are an Awesome couple! That was a very sincere post...Happy Anniversary to the two of you!