Sunday, April 5, 2009

Technology is AMAZING!

We are on our way home from our short vacation in Sun City, Arizona. We left late yesterday afternoon and drove as far as Mesquite. I'll miss adding to my sunburn, seeing lemon trees and orange trees and cacti and palm trees. Such a different world out there in comparison to the freezing world I live in.

I say technology is amazing because I am sitting in the car, we are driving 80 miles an hour on some highway between Fillmore, Utah and Salt Lake City. I'm on the internet via my husband's data phone. That is so weird! (It's also weird that we are legally going 80 miles an hour...legally) I guess it's because there is nothing there so they allow you to hurry up and get through it? I'm just surfing around waiting for the last session of Conference to start since we hae been unable to find a radio station that is broadcasting it.
Technology is awesome!


Kristina P. said...

I know! I'm watching Conference, while playing Mahjong.

gigi said...

Yes it is awesome!! Yall be safe getting home.

Kirsten said...

That's funny, I was watching conference playing Mahjong too!

I'm sure the drive home was nice and peaceful! Welcome back to the land of white!

Cherie said...

Technology is super amazing!

I am so glad to be able to watch different Conference talks again today!

I remember always having to wait for the Ensign to come out to review them and now we can see them on the computer or DVR them.

Hope you had a safe trip home. It is warming up here in Western Id. so i hope you are seeing the sun in your neck of the woods as well!

wendy said...

Legally --80 miles an hour ---Legally??? (tee,hee) Overall I hate technology as it confusses me ---but it is the world we live in --and HEY, how could I blog without it.