Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not to be outdone.....

I was blog stalking this morning and came across a blogging friend's blog. I have never met Gigi but I totally loved her post today about randomness. You really need to go over there and read it....hurry back though. Did I mention I don't know Gigi? I read her blog all the time and enjoy her humor. For all I know she lives in some tropical climate where she steps out her front door, picks mangos and wanders barefoot on the beach all day. From the third picture that she posted today that's what I thought her life might be like. She also appears to have an outrageous pedicure going on, nice toenails!

So I decided to copy her. I thought it would be fun to have people think I step outside to pick some exotic fruit, wander in the sand and show off my outrageous pedicure. So this morning I did that very thing, stepped outside and took a picture of my foot.

Whatdya think? Do ya think I pick mangos and wander on sandy beaches all day?

Uhm, no it isn't too late to enter my "snow is gone" giveaway (see previous post) Maybe I should change the name to "is the snow ever gonna go giveaway?"


Kristina P. said...

Wow, you are a brave, cold woman.

Cadance said...

that is too funny! I wonder what people think I Do all i will look at peoples blogs completely different...trying to figure them out a bit more! I can't believe you still have snow?

Hilary said...

Oh no Tauna, I can totally see the mangos growing... its the mango tree shading the ground where the snow isn't melted completely, right??

gigi said...

You are to funny girl!

Thank you for noticing the fresh pedicure :) one can not go on spring break to the beach with out one... but it was the awesome length of those finger like toes that I was showing off!! (we took the Grand~girls to St. Augustine, FL. for spring break. It's and hour and a half south of here.)

There are no mango's growing here but there is some cabbage growing in my garden. South Georgia does have a tropical climate, but you just wait until the dog days of summer get here, you've never heard such BEE-ahtching in your life!! It is the reverse of your snow BEE-ahtching!

And wow you have big ones! for going out in the snow and putting your foot in it for a picture. If I had cute toes like yours I'd be taking pictures of my feet all the time :)

Happy Weekend little lady! Cheers to the sunshine!

Cherie said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha That is the funniest thing ever!! LOVE the foot in the snow!!
Oh my do you think it will ever go away??

Have a Happy Friday!

farmergalsmarket said...

If I stuck my bare foot out my door right now I would be thigh deep in snow. It will make things extra green a month from now, right? That's what I just have to keep telling myself. :(

funky bag freak said...


Oh that looks fabulous girl...I am sooooo jealous of your climate...Oh wait NO I'M NOT...I have the same one.

Thank you for your sweet comments, I appreciate it. I think I'm back to my freaky self.


Higgs Happenin's said...

haha! I love it. Don't you just love it when it snows in April? I came home to visit my mommy to get away from it! Cute foot. :)

Only Girl said...

I think you should win the prize!! You could be a foot model for Dr.Barton!! I might have a in for you!!

wendy said...

That is FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember a long time ago we dared my dad to go sit - bare butted- in a snow drift. HE DID. Yikes.