Monday, November 3, 2008

What are you thankful for????

I love Thanksgiving, it's such a mellow holiday. No gifts, no pressure, no stress. Well, except for the cooking, cleaning, cooking, and the cooking. But, other than that it's a great holiday.
Yesterday we had a great lesson in Relief Society about gratitude. The teacher was concerned that it was cliche because it was Thanksgiving and gratitude, but I loved the lesson. She helped me come to the conclusion that gratitude is a verb. You have gratitude by DOING. Great lesson Hillary!

Anyway, in an effort to think more about being grateful I wanted to list a few things that I'm grateful for.

#1 I know that seems cliche, he has to be #1 and all that stuff, but seriously, how often are you able to have someone in your life that is everything to you and is patient, kind, understanding, patient, wants to make your day happy, patient and did I mention patient? And he does his own laundry (huge bonus). And I love his prematurely gray hair. Ya, he's #1!

#2 Family...parents, kids, grandkids. It's amazing to see how our family is evolving...a work in progress. Fun, interesting, frightening.

#3 Friends...they make me laugh, they listen and they tell me when I have a bad hair day.

#4 A temple blocks away...I still have to pinch myself.

#5 Work, jobs, food on the shelves, warm home, firewood to burn, clean clothes and a washer and dryer to keep them that way.

#6 Really good moisturizers for my face....fighting wrinkles is a full time job.

#7 Steel cut oats...I love that stuff, eat it every morning. (yes, I know I'm weird)

#8 This country, this town, this's awesome to live here.

#9 Health...probably should be higher than the oatmeal, but I'm too lazy to change the numbers. In my profession I see health and the lack of health far too often. I'm grateful for my lungs, my hands, my heart, my mind, my eyes, my immune system, lymph system...yes my health and the health of those I love is pretty high up on my list.

#10 Seasons...even though I stuggle when the days get colder, darker and shorter...I love a change of seasons.

#11 Huckleberries...they make me happy. I love picking them, finding them (that means I'm in the mountains, the fresh air and in the silence) and I like eating them.

#12 My Yankee candle that's burning right now...Christmas has to be the best smell in the world. I always have several, even in the middle of the summer I'll go sniff...I LOVE that smell.

So, that's my list, boring or weird, it's me. What are you thankful for?

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Nef Fam said...

From your #1 Taunilow: To be honest, I'm grateful for friends like you who've helped me fall in love with Idaho (among other things). Yah, it took me a while -- but hello -- I is finally there! Loved your list. I'm grateful for Bishop "Howie" too. :)