Monday, November 10, 2008

The Missionary Farewell

Wow, the call just came a few short months ago and here we are only 9 days from entering the MTC in Provo. Cam's farewell was yesterday and he did a great job. I think he was nervous....he's a man of few words, but he spoke from his heart.

We had lots of family here. Matt and Tara and family from Utah, Lyns flew in from Houston with Lexie. Nate and Sara with Krewzer. Mom and Dad came was just nice to be with family and have support from the family.

Nate and Sara went home last night as did Matt and Tara. Howard flew back to Chicago this morning...he got home late Thursday night fromChicago only to return back there today.

We had a full house for the weekend and I must say, I have some pretty cute grandkids!

Cameron had to have a picture with Lyns...cause she wasn't looking too gorgeous. It made him laugh.

And sure have a cute wife, you are one lucky guy!

Well, Cam, there's lots to do this week to get you on your way. We are proud of you, we love you and we'll miss you.
Will you miss us????????????


Nef Fam said...

You're right -- those grandkids are scrumptious! Good luck Elder Cameron!!!!

g.suzie said...

Lucky you Tauna, you have the 'Thanksgiving dinner thing' already wrapped up!!! When does Cameron leave for the MTC?