Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Until yesterday I had my Fall decorations still up.

Until yesterday I had NO Christmas decorations up.

Until yesterday I had NO chocolate dipping done.

For those that know me....I try to have all of that done by the end of November.

But then........
We pulled stuff off the shelf.
Stuff that has been packed since before the move.

Things that mean so much to us.

And new things that I made to match the house we are now in.

And this tree.
Oh my goodness.
I love this tree.
It's nearly a decade old.
It was a prelit tree and gorgeous.
But after a decade of being put away and being smashed.
Not one single light worked.
So my patient sweet hubby suggested we buy a new one.
But we really love the way this one looks.
So he tore off ALL OF THE LIGHTS.
Every single one.
His poor fingers are so sore. 
It took 5 or 6 hours.
And then we strung lights on that we will take off and the end of the season.
I love this Christmas tree.

And I got my dipping done.
This is half of what is there.
I still want to make English Toffee.
But that can wait for another day.


Barb said...


Thank you for your prayers, it really does mean so much to me. It has been a hard week - and will be hard for a while for my son and his wife, they are so devastated...but, thank goodness for the Gospel, they are sad, but happy for him at the same time. It's just very sad.

Love your Christmas decorations, and that tree, oh my goodness, it is beautiful!! I have a tree that we did the same thing with!! My poor son took off all of the lights, and it was hard! He kept saying..."those poor little Chinese children that had to put these on...". They don't make trees like they did 10 or 20 years ago, most people think mine is real! But, yours has such a beautiful shape, and it's so pretty with all twinkly lights and decorations!!

Your chocolates are amazing!! I'm not a candy maker, so mine would look more like cow patties. I am going to make fudge, which is a stretch for me, and usually doesn't turn out... :0)

So glad you got all decked out!!

Hugs and Love,

Julia said...

Your tree is beautiful and WOW on your patient husband to spend 5 to 6 hours taking out all the lights off. It turned out beautiful.
And WOW on those chocolate. It looks like quite the production, and more to come...

Hugs, Julia

Marsha said...

I love your decorations....the old, and the new. And your tree, well, it is a beautiful tree. Those chocolates look amazing. I've never dipped chocolates but I have watched a few You-Tube videos on it and it looks like a lot of work and takes a special art, one that looks like you have totally mastered.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my goodness you have been so busy. I can't believe what you accomplished! How sweet of your husband to remove the lights. That's a huge job. Everything looks beautiful and those chocolates look delicious.

Just Mags said...

Hi, sweet Tauna I hope you and your family are doing well. That candy looks so yummy. I never had any success making candy but my mom was a pro at it. I wanted to stop in and wish you a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Hugs, Mags

Saimi said...

Yay for you for getting your Christmas up!!! Your husband is a rock star for taking care of the lights on your tree. I would have bought the new one haha. Your chocolate is to die for. I've never made candy, but my mother in law does it every year. I make home made bread instead. It's what I know how to do and the neighbors like it.
Have a very Merry Christmas. I'm going to be in Idaho after Christmas seeing the grand boys !!!