Saturday, February 18, 2012


These people are the reason we came to Arizona.
Cora and Oliver.
Our adopted grandparents.
They have watched our family grow.
We came to help them do a few things around their house in Sun City.
They drive golf carts everywhere!!
We enjoyed their spoiled rotten cat.
We have totally loved driving around in the HOT RED CAR with the top down.
Home tomorrow.
I hear snow is forecasted.
I think I would rather stay in my fake life.


Cherie said...

First!! Cause it rocks!

Cherie said...

Love the golf cart at Radio Shack! This is the exact reason my husband loves to visit Arizona!

jen said...

And here I sit all cozy by a fire, huge flakes falling from the sky, wondering how I can leave this gorgeous winter. But i can honestly say that I will be ready for AZ winter by Monday. And I'd still trade AZ summer for ID winter. I guess I've finally abandoned my ID roots. Wow. It only took 17 years. Hope you enjoyed the weather.

just call me jo said...

Sun City is just right by us. If I'd known you were that close I'd have driven over. Sigh! We drove to Ajo, AZ today--right to the US/Mexican border. Interesting. The weather was nice. Rick works at a golf cart shop right in Sun City West. Golf carts as transportation are hilarious, aren't they. I'm glad you enjoy it.

MZ said...

It is snowing.

Victoria said...

Doesn't it feel like heaven to BAKE when it seems like you have been cold for months??? Enjoy! :)

wendy said...

Cora and Oliver...what great names.
I can't wait to get old...I MEAN OLDER, like way OLDER
and then I'll just wear stretch pants and to whatever the crap I want.
Nice of you to help them out.

I love the photos of you and your hubby in the car. Howie looks pretty Miami Vice driving this beauty, with HIS beauty by his side.
almost sorry you have to go home tomorrow.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad your having a nice time and what a sweet thing you do for them.
I know they must love you to death!

Maple Lane said...

How grand that you were able to visit with them and help out. Love the pictures of the SUN! Back to reality.....we are having a very rainy weekend here. Hope your snow is not too bad.

Maple Lane said...

p.s. meant to say what a beautiful kitty. love the pic!

Momza said...

I used to work at Bank One in Peoria/Sun City...those old folks used to drive their golfcarts up to the teller window! So wild.

Saimi said...

Ah, it's so hard coming back from sun and vaca...I think you adoptive Grandparents are darling!!

Laura Lynn said...

haha, fake life! Mine would be out in the sun too.

Connie said...

That cat does look spoiled! I think you were a little spoiled while visiting them too! Good for you. Glad you could spend some warm days during your fake life!

Kim said...

sometimes fake lives are the best, but reality always has a way of sneaking back in. Glad you are having such a good time. Please bring me some vitamin d, I could really, really use it.

Yvonne said...

Glad you are having such a great time. You two are great to go and help--but that doesn't surprise me.

Safe travels home and hope you have your coat ; )

" Hit It......." said...

Enjoy your fake life; it has been snowing. Looks like a fun and relaxing trip.