Monday, November 1, 2010

Things I love.

I love my soffit and fascia.
It's true.

If I had EVER had a brand spankin' new house, I'm not sure I would have ever said that.
But I moved into an OLD OUTDATED circa 1960's house.
Turquoise SHAG carpet (AKA Turquoise GAG) in the dining room with matching striped turquoise wallpaper.
Mustard yellow GAG carpet in the living room with matching draperies and thing-a-ma-bobs sewn onto them.
Acoustical tile squares on the ceiling.
Dark wood paneling throughout the entire house.
When we bought the house I was so dang glad to have a house I didn't mind.
(We had moved out of a tiny apartment with our four children and I was so happy to have a house that was big.)

Over the years walls have been taken down.
Ceiling have been made beautiful.
Nasty carpet has been removed.
Bathrooms have completely been renovated.
Beautiful carpet laid beside beautiful wood floors.
My hubby built a beautiful brick surround for my woodburning stove.
And a hearth.
I love my hearth.
My hubby is very talented.
And patient.
(I'm neither talented NOR patient.)
It's often been PAINFULLY slow.
But the finished project has always been beautiful and worth it.

Our last project was painting the outside of the house.
putting up beautiful soffit and fascia.

Thank you to my three sons and cute son-in-law (who really knew what he was doing).
While they were working hard on Saturday...

I took a rooster Trick-or-Treating.

Also took a John Deere tractor, cute farmer huh?

Dorothy of Never Neverland or Oz or somewhere managed to show up in her red sparkly shoes.

(I'm still disconnected without a laptop.
It still takes 7 minutes to download a picture.
There are blogs I can't post comments on because of the dinosaur desktop I'm using.
I've asked for an early Ground Hog's Day present.
Hopefully the Great Groundhog will get my letter


Anonymous said...

Your home is beautiful! I love the trick or treat photos too. Sorry you still have the computer problems. Isn't it the grandest feeling in the world to toss out turquoise shag carpet??? We had some too!

Aunt of 14 said...

That fireplace surround is SO pretty!

Aunt of 14 said...

And we had booger green shag carpeting in one of our houses while I was growing up. YUCK!

Kristina P. said...

That John Deere costume is awesome. Love the mantle.

Julie Harward said...

Well, I have missed you! I still am using my dinosaur desk top too. I love your fireplace surround, it looks really nice! Glad you were able to get a post on! ;D

Lisa said...

What a shame you missed the opportunity with the Great Pumpkin. You must not have had a very sincere pumpkin patch. Good luck with having a sincere groundhog hole. :) Love your soffet and facia, too.

gigi said...

LOVE new soffit and fascia too, we gost some about 2 years ago and WHAT a difference!

Beautiful home and fireplace and your Rooster and other little ones are so cute! Lucky you getting to go with them Trick or treating.

Thank you for updating your blog we were begining to think you were never coming back. Sorry your situation still isn't good, maybe it won't be much longer.

One Cluttered Brain said...

oh man seriously?
7 minutes to post a pic?
I hope you get your groundhog wish...
I wish I had $$ to give you...
I'm waiting on my current be employed as a CNA at the local hospital AND the nursing home...I mean..who wouldn't want ME to be their CNA? Wouldn't you want me to be your CNA?
I'm just great. Your patients will smile, guaranteed. Can't wait until I start nursing school, I will be a great nurse!

And I hope I'm not being too humble in this
I am just great...:)

Brenda said...

I love what you are doing! It all looks beautiful! I'm glad you are able to post! Have a great week!

Scrappy Girl said...

Very pretty room. It is so fun to give your home a facelift...makes it feel new. Cute Halloween kiddos.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I know just what you were talking about with the ugly carpet and walls...been there and like you I was just happy I had a house. We completely redid it to where I was just so proud of it and then I had to leave it but you know other than freezing out here in this old house in the winter I love living in the country.
Love your Halloween pictures cute.
Sorry about your computer whoas I hope you get one soon.
Love ya

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Darn I don't think I told you how pretty and beautiful your home is now. hahaha
Leave it to me to get side tracked

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

What cute grandkids! How nice to have a fireplace.

Kim said...

I love what a good grandma you are by going trick or treating with your grandkids.

I can't wait to see the new look, since I've seen almost everything already and it is all just beautiful!

love you

M-Cat said...

I have missed you more than the SEA!!!

Momma needs a new 'puter - STAT!

Love the updated home - I was giggling over picture the turquoise and mustard yellow. Oh, and the trailer I grew up in totally had dark paneling! : )

Cherie said...

Tauna my dear I was wondering what the heck had happened to you. I figured that maybe your were jetting around the world, making chocolates, and doing nursy things or something like that! Ha!
Man you need a new computer...NOW!! I am going to pray to the groundhog on your behalf sister.
You guys have done awesome with your house. I think old or new a house is just a continual project. Your fireplace is lovely and your soffit and fascia (yeah I had to google it!) is wonderous - so happy for you.
Your Halloween looks so fun with all your cute little munchkins. You are blessed!!

Ann Marie said...

Happy you are back today!!

I was a worried one as well.. and even bugged Gigi about it.. ( since I know you guys text.. )

If a computer isn't on the way soon.. I think you may have to take up a fund and we'll donate!

Geez... if we lived closer I'd have Chad come and look at the sickly beast! :0

I know EXACTLY what you mean about updating the old things.. it makes me appreciate ALL and EVERY detail this house gets a lift with.

I ADORE your window.. and the fireplace looks cozy.. :)

And FYI: If you wouldn't have changed anything.. turquoise and Yellow are in again! ha! Funny how everything recycles....

Happy November!!

Connie said...

Wow! You've done some amazing things to your home! It's always good to get rid of the old and bring in the new! When we were first married, in the early 70s, our apartment carpet was red shag! It was awesome! I was glad it was a temporary home!
If the Great Groundhog is real, there are a few things I want to ask for!

Good luck with the computer!

Cute Halloween pics!

Krista said...

Gorgeous decore! So fun to have projects. I'm sure there's lots of great memories on the discarded shag carpet. So fun to see all your cool stuff!

Kazzy said...

The Great Groundhog, huh? I am excited for another holiday to ask for stuff!

I am sure a new home os nice, but I like taking an older place with its own history and fixing things up. My ouse was built in 1942, and I love it!

Mikki said...

I have no idea what a fascia is.

Love the shot of your dining room. Your fireplace is beautiful. Show more pics!!!!!!

Cute little trick or treaters. That's what it's really all about!

LKP said...

howie is so freakin' talented! i will admit, i did spend some time admiring your woodstove surround while i was visiting...and thinking "how can seth make something like this happen for our?" the answer? he can't. our dumb woodstove is positioned in the dead center of our house, in the middle of our walkway. it's too out in the open, not nicely/snuggly situated in a corner....or even pretending to be either. so, you are one blessed lady!

yeah, btw, i have no. idea. what soffet and facia that french for 'facial hair'???? there you go being all professional-derma-babe on us again. flauntin' your fancy lingo....making me feel derma-dumb. :(

lol. i love you!!!! miss you oodles and oodles, and i'm thinking i need to head on over and have a talking-to with good old punxsutawney phil about that grounghog's gift for you.... (:

g.suzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T said...

I always get Groundhog's Day presents... every year.

and your g'kids and house are gorgeous - it was worth waiting 7 minutes per picture to share them with us!

Barbaloot said...

You know Christmas is before Groundhog's right...? :)

Hooray for having family members that can beautify a home. And hooray for cute kids trick-or-treating.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

No wonder you've been away so long.

Oh, I need so soffit and fascia sooooooooo bad. I need a patient husband too. We are just beginning all of our projects.

Hey, I've been meaning to ask you if you would write up a blurb to go along with that really awesome fabric you donated. As a nurse, what do you feel gives people most comfort. You must have some cool stories I could add to the magic quilt book.

And hey, I'm giving away stuff. Annette's chocolate book and a free ticket to bloggy boot camp in st. George and some Kohls cash. All week long I'll be unloading stuff. Alls you gotta do is post a link to my vote button.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

You take lovely photos, btw.

JoAnn said...

Huh? Groundhog Day? Don't you celebrate November 2nd? It's "Get-your-butt-down-to-Best-Buy-and-buy-a-new-laptop" Day! Sheeeeesh! I'm surprised it's not on your calendar. Whatever. And you're married to a computer guy. Double sheesh. (While you're down yonder, call me, and I'll shop with ya -- cuz I know you love to shop. Ha!)

JoAnn said...

And you're house always looks beautiful and festive! I bet it did even when it was turquoise and mustard! Only you could pull that off.

Saimi said...

Cute, cute and cute!! Love it all!!

Those trick or treaters are adorable!!

wendy said...

Oh Tauna, Tauna, Tauna, you have endured soooo much. Turqoise carpet, mustard yellow, I don't know what colonel mustard will do now, put his candlesticks on the new hearth???

YAY it is so fun to get updates and new things. I want to come have diet coke and chocolates at your table. (p.s. haven't recieved those chocolates yet fyi)

I was getting so close to calling you cause you hadn't blogged in such a long while I WAS WORRIED.
but I may call anyway.

happy for your soffit and fusia facia, flatulance...what was it???

Laura said...

Isn't it wonderful to make a home your own? Even if it takes a long, long time. Right now I have that basement... Old, delapidated carpet, paneling, acoustic ceiling. Blah! But I know that someday it will be a project that we will conquer.

Homer and Queen said...

Freezing yet?

Valerie said...

Good luck with the response from the Groundhog!! It looks like you had a fun Halloween. Too bad a computer wasn't one of the treats though!

Holly said...

Lovin' your home upgrades, festive decor, and Thanksgiving Blog update!! AWESOME!! ;D

I keep meaning to update mine and just haven't gotten that "round tuit" delivered yet! ;p (Remember TAHT campaign?? LOL!)

Don't you think the Great Turkey Gobbler could deliver your package??? Hey! It COULD HAPPEN!! (((HUGS)))

Yvonne said...

Your husband did a beautiful job--WOW. It's wonderful to have a husband who can do that sort of thing.

Love the costumes.

I hope the Groundhog is good to you this year ; )

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, sounds like you have done so many things in your home. Love the fireplace and congratulations on the new soffit & fascia!