Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The LLLLoooooonnnnnnngggggg Weekend

The long weekend in the ER is over.
Disappointingly enough...
I have no great pictures.
I could have posted a steer horn in a bicep....
fat looks better covered with skin.
So I won't.
There really wasn't any fabulous or exciting things to take pictures of.
too bad ya'll don't have SMELL-O-VISION
Cuz I could have hooked you up with HI DEF I'm tellin' ya!
From very unexpected sources I might add.
I can handle a lot....
but this weekend Vicks was my BEST FRIEND.

I was constantly shovin' Vicks up my schnaz.
No I am not sick, it's just that Vicks makes your smeller deaf.
My dorky coworker Nita was just snorting alcohol wipes. (She's minus some brain cells I'm sure.)

So from my previous post I was going to give away chocolates to the best diagnostic guess of a posted pictures.
Since there wasn't a picture to post, I will give chocolates to the two most hilarious caption winners.
Does that sound fair?
But before I do.
I have to say I had a blast with having the Gusty Ridge Ranch here visitin' my humble abode.
Keeley and MiniMe came for the weekend and I offered a place to lay their weary bones.
It was so fun to meet Keeley. I love her blog.
She is hilarious, spiritual and a riot!!!!
MiniMe was adorable.
She's 13 and as funny as her mom.

We played Quiddler and MiniMe is very competitive. She broke an M&M in half and told me that I could have 1/2 of it and we'd be BFF's forever.
I told her I was going to put it on a necklace.
She put it on a thank you note instead.
So I hung it on the fridge.

Cute huh?
It was great to meet a Blog friend and find out that she is a darling as her blog.

Glad you got home OK!!!!

OK! Winners of the caption are:
Shauna from Trying to Stay Calm
One Cluttered Brain
Homer and Queen (cuz you said nurses are smarter than doctors anyway)
(And you're right, that's more than two, but I'm OK with that!)
Email with your addresses and I'll send those out in the next couple of weeks. I gotta dip them first.


Shauna said...

YAHOO!!!! Doing the happy dance!!!! I am so excited and happy I won!!!! Thank you so-ooooo much!!! You are AWESOME! Love and Hugs to you my sweet precious friend :)

Shauna said...

P.S. Hope you get feeling better soon!

Shauna said...

Or was the Vicks not up the nose because you are sick just hiding the stinky smells?

Julie Harward said...

And here I thought I was the only one that put Vicks in my nose..good stuff huh?! ;D

Kristina P. said...

Have you ever tried Tiger Balm? That stuff is deadly!

Kimmie said...

Tauna! Thanks for the LAUGH today! "Constantly shovin' Vicks up my Shnaz" keeps making me chuckle! You are awesome and I would love to have a twinge of your humor!!

Glad you survived your LOOOONG ER weekend and so happy that you had the JOY of meeting a blogging friend! (OH, BTW...your abode is AWESOME...so homey and cute and anything BUT humble!). It's been a fun year, with all of the wonderful people you have got to meet!

Hope you have a wonderful week my friend!

Saimi said...

First off my friend sorry to hear about your shnoz and I sure hope you feel better. I hope the Vicks didn't dull your sense's cuz I never win anything!

I'm so excited I'm Happy Dancing with Shauna! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are getting to stay home and rest for awhile now that the long weekend in the ER is over. Sounds like you had a blast with your blogging friend and her daughter. The M&M thing was cute and funny too. Hugs

T said...

Vicks is a MUCH better choice than alcohol wipes... yipes - your coworker is going to end up as a patient if too much of that goes on!

T said...

oh, and thanks - from the bottom of my heart - for sparing us the bull horn/bicep picture.

Kimmie said...

PS...OKAY, so I should have read through my comment first...I meant "I would love to have a teeny bit of your humor and wit".

PSS...I just went out to water and looked at our sad garden and thought of you and your tomatoes and I hope they survived the frost we have had the past two nights. The wind blew our tarps off in one little section and so I have one tomato plant and some corn that didn't fare well, but most of it survived. Gotta love the frost we get every year the first part of September...always catches us off guard.

Anywho, sorry to be long-winded! Hope you're able to relax and enjoy some much needed R&R after your long weekend!

Kim said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather, I hope the vicks up the "shanz" doesn't end up being slathered all over the chest with a sock, safety pinned around the neck. An ole' redneck trick.

Love you.

PS--glad you had a blast with Kelley and MiniMe--I really need to get back to your quaint home. Miss you :)

~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

okay. . .i'm seriously so sad. . .

The Karrens said...

Are you talking about MY mom? I am a little offended. My mom is not dorky she just has a special spirit

Doran & Jody said...

What? I forgot to enter the drawing? We were busy having babies in this family.

When I was a puppy I LOVED it when my momma rubbed Vicks on my chest and shoved it up my nose!

Now that I am older....I have converted to liking the smell of Bengay. Oh the joys of being ill. (Physically, not mentally)

One Cluttered Brain said...

YAY!! Triple YAY!
Doing the HAPPY DANCE for SURE NOW....
Sending U my address right away...
Thanks girl!!!
U made my month...
Pics and a vlog please?
Have your hubby record you dipping the chocolates...
I lived on allergy medicine this weekend....Grrr...dumb old allergies I HATE them!

Lisa said...

What do the patients say when you come in, dripping with Vicks? Doesn't really matter, I guess, as it's all in the name of self preservation. Bless you for tending to their stink. :)

Valerie said...

Yay!!!!!! for meeting blogger friends. And congrats to the winners.

wendy said...

I am glad I don't have Smell O Vision.
I have a hard time with smells. I GAG REALLY EASILY.
I don't know how you do it.
don't give up on me, I still plan on calling you....things have been so crazy around here

I love mentholatum (sp) more then Vicks. I feel like an old lady sticking it up my nose every night.
WAIT...I AM an old lady.

an p.s. it is always fun to "hook up" with friends, old and new

I like the meeting in PERSON far better then the phone call stuff.
love yer guts too

linda said...

I certainly know what you mean about keeping the Vicks handy. Can't help with a "code brown" unless I have it nearby!

(Code Brown = lots of poop!)

Anonymous said...

You have me giggling - we used to run out of the house screaming when my mom would whip out the Vicks!
Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!

Cherie said...

Awww Dang!! Now I SO wish I would have had time to stop by but my hubs was anxious to get home for the BSU game and there was no stopping to visit anyone - Dang!!
Keely and Minime are soooo cute - Glad you guys had fun!!

I totally did not know you could stick Vicks up your schnoz!!!!

MZ said...

I stole your turning world. Pretty cool. I like things like that. I did not steal your Vicks.

Kirsten said...

All I can say is 2 things: Thank you for NOT posting a picture of the bicep and I LOVE Nita!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I don't wanna know what was so stinky - thanks!! :D

I'm glad your long weekend is over. So...are ya gonna stamp???? You should stamp double because I can't!! (*sad face*)

Queenie Jeannie said...

....and when are you going to accept my Royal Invitation???

Holly said...

Sounds like you had fun! MiniMe sounds so cute!

Pictures would have been... interesting... when the puking was done. LOL!! My mom was so disappointed that I didn't want to be a nurse like her. She and my sis are so fascinated by all the gory details and hold NO DETAILS back to my dismay... and occasional regurgitation. I had to tell them to stop sending me emails with graphic pics or I would stop opening emails from them. BLEH!!! I'm honestly GLAD that there are those that can stomach it, though... We'd be in a world of hurt without our Florence Nightingales!! So.. THANK YOU!! ;D

LKP said...

::reaching for the Vick's right now::
(but not for an icky ER smell. lol. stupid sinuses.)
yeah, as far as tiger balm is concerned? it's like taking one to the proverbial sinus-kneecaps. no joke. deadly is a mild way to put it. works fab on muscles, but MAN! the smell is something else.
as for Bengay's aroma, def not feeling it. now BioFreeze is a whole other story though. makes my achy feet feel so much better, AND smells decent. however I wouldn't put any of it up my nose except for the Vick's.
lol 2 kim, cause we did the Vick's & old sock & safety pins too! if we were running low on socks, we'd used mom's kitchen hand towels...the flour sack ones were the best cause they were always long enough.

but beyond smells & ointments, etc. i must say it was THE BEST weekend, and exactly what i needed! thank you for EVERYthing from the heart of my bottom...err, i mean, bottom of my heart! despite the sinus bleck right now, you & howie and this weekend was so refreshing & helped re-motivate me in life. consider batteries recharged, thanks to you guys.

now i SERIOUSLY can't wait 'til a month from now!!!!! love ya oodles & oodles!

Laura said...

Only you can put up a post that makes me go from gagging (horn) to saying, "Mmmmmmm. Chocolate." Hah!

Nezzy said...

Woohoo, a big old congratulations to the lucky winners.

Thank you for not showin' us too much information. There's just somethin' about blood and guts!

I'm just thrilled you and your bloggy friends had a blast the weekend. Too bad an ER was involved.

Take care and have a super day sweetie!!!

Debby said...

I know I would be doing the Vick's if I was working the ER. How wonderful that you got to hang with a blog friend. Hope you are having a good week.

Mikki said...

I love the smell of vicks!! Vicks and Pine Sol--if they made either of them into perfume, I'd totally buy them out.
So, sounds like you had a boring weekend. bummer.

Congrats to your winners!!

Connie said...

Too bad there weren't more exciting things at the ER than 2 nurses shoving stuff up their noses!
Congrats to the winners!

gigi said...

Hey yall, congrats to the winners!! You will love the Nurse's chocolates!! They are worth the wait :)

Can't wait until it is my turn to meet Clickin Mama, chocolate dippin, Nurse Tauna! Looking more like the 4th weekend in Oct. Still haven't made tickets yet.

Kazzy said...

Fat looks better covered in skin.... and many layers of clothing!

I am SO congested too. I am hoping it is just fall allergies. But VICKS can be a best friend!

Beth at Aunties said...

Yay for Shauna or in her own words..."Yippee Skipee":) Maybe that is why she came up with
Pee-you which I adored:)

Blogging friends are a joy and I am glad you got to meet another:-)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

okay she looks darling and fun and so does her mini me...

sorry I missed the party... i really loved your chocolates and would've given the contest a good try!

I needed vix because i gots a horrible cold... all weekend... it was awful.

Going to lunch tomorrow with T. and April... you jealous? :)

Yvonne said...

I think Vicks is so much better than so many of the new remedies.

Congrats to the winners.

Fun to hang out with new friends.

M-Cat said...

I've been using hand sanitizer for the stink at the gym. Sometimes it's just not enough. Good to know about the Vicks.