Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Honey, you need more power tools for the Man-cave"

I'm sure my better half would think he'd died and gone to heaven if he ever read my blog and read that sentence. "oh dear, why don't you run to Home Depot or Lowes and buy some more power tools. I think they are fabulous" Well, he can thank blogs for this new obsession I have with power tools.
I need to quit looking at blogs! There are so many people doing such cute holiday crafts and have such great ideas and I wanna do them all!
Monday my better half flew to Canada, so as soon as he was outta my hair lovingly kissed goodbye, I went into the man-cave.
It's kind of a cool place.
He doesn't like me in there.
I mess up his stuff.
I've also been accused of throwing things away (my #1 rule: if they haven't been used in a decade we don't need them)
(He gets a little bent out of shape when I throw his stuff away.)
Anywayz, I was trying to cut out blocks of wood with this:

A measly piece of equipment as far as I'm concerned. It was very slow and driving me crazy. I just needed to cut out some blocks for the cutest craft and this was taking way too long.
In the corner I spy this:

It's called a chop-saw. I asked my son-in-law if he would show me how it worked and "would it cut a 2x4?" Wow! That was the funnest time I've ever had. My son-in-law had to leave the man-cave cause I made him nervous. But I promise I was being careful. I wouldn't dare cut off a digit cause I would have to go the ER and my co-workers would mock me.
After I cut the 2x4 up I was seaching for other pieces of wood to cut up. If it was loose I cut it up cause it was so fun! Then I ran out of wood, dangit! I can see why buying power tools becomes a must. I also used an electric sander. The whole experience made me wonder why I had become a nurse instead of a professional user of power tools. It was really a rush!
Anyway, I saw this idea for these Nativity Blocks here and totally fell in love.

The above picture is the blocks from Make it Work Mom's blog.
I loved the story she had about the Nativity and I wanted to do a set with each of my grandkids this year.
The plan: On Black Friday.... the day after Thanksgiving the grandkids and I will be doing the Nativity blocks while the daughters and daughters-in-law do these.

Go to Cherie's blog to see how to do this darling wreath! This is a picture of her finished wreath....uhm, I stole it from her that OK?
It's going to be total chaos! I can hardly wait.
I did a set of the Nativity blocks already just to practice. They are so cute. I might not do all the pieces. I didn't have stickers like the above picture had so I bought some Nativity clipart. There's 12 characters in each set.
That's a lot of blocks.
My oldest daughter-in-law has 4 of my 6 grandkids.
That's 48 blocks in her home....
strewn across the house.......
being thrown through a big window....
against an offending sibling's forehead....
On second thought, maybe I'll not do the animals, angels and drummer boy.
Anywayz, aren't they the sweetest!

We are all excited about making the Christmas wreath with ornaments.

So, I really need to quit looking at blogs and all the cute ideas out there. My head is going to explode! And my better half can't afford anymore power tools. Christmas is just around the corner and I'm pretty sure he needs to buy me diamonds or something.


wendy said...

POWER TOOLS --holy freaking missing fingers. I am proud of you.
Those nativity blocks are cute for sure.
sounds like you have some craft projects that will keep you busy

don't worry, you can visit my blog with NO PRESSURE, cause I don't make things, cook things, ---nothing that would make you finish reading and say 'HEY, I NEED TO DO THAT'
I am a no pressure kinda friend. I don't believe in inspiring people. (tee,hee)

oh, and did I mention how much I like you photo of you going into the out house on your sidebar
(tee,hee ..again)

Kristina P. said...

Cherie does post the cutest stuff. I still don't really make things.

Yvonne said...

You are hysterical. Power tools scare me--especially saws, because I KNOW I WOULD BE VISITING THE ER.

Love those little Nativity Blocks.

Saw the wreath on Cherie's blog--loved it.

If you want another blog to look at that has cute stuff to make go to: She has the cutest seasonal wood blocks

Happy Mom said...

I'm going to make your nativity blocks with my kids. What a fabulous idea!

I completely agree with you about the power tools. They make me a little nervous, but it's a rush to use them (as long as I'm aware of where all of my digit's are at all times!)

Tara said...

So dang cute, I'm excited!

Valerie said...

Funny! I have found myself wanting power tools for the first time too. I'm still a bit afraid of the ones with blades, but I'm okay with others. But crafts are the reason for sure! I saw those blocks on Camille's blog too and plan on making them. I have the wood ready to go, but no tools. Your blocks turned out great. And Cherie's wreath is so pretty.

April said...

My hubby was never happier than when I asked for for a scroll saw and sander for my birthday....I LOVE them!

Valerie said...

Very funny post! I love it :)
I hear ya about all the great crafting ideas that everyone is sharing. My list is growing every day!
My father-in-law is the wood cutter in our family, and I have a few projects up my sleeve for him to help me with.
The Nativity blocks turned out so cute! Love 'em!

Ann Marie said...

You are a BRAVE girl.

See... I'm the type to like.. and then take it to my husband or father in law to cut. I KNOW I would lose a finger.. or hand.

I just project my husband to death.. now that I think about it.. :)

I loved the wreath on Cherie's blog.. but will have to wait until I can find the colors I like... They are hard to find. ~ Much like everything I love... To expensive or hard to find. :)

linda said...

Sooo funny! And no, you certainly don't want to go to the ER, your co-workers would never let you live it down.

So very true about blogging. I've got so many projects in the lurch...way to many great ideas out there in blogland, and it seems I love them all!

Love the blocks and wreath, have fun!

Connie said...

You go girl! I am a little nervous around power tools. Give me a blender or a KitchenAid and I can do some mean stuff but I'll leave the electric saw to someone with more coordination! Your nativity blocks are darling! Love the clip art you put on them.

gigi said...

Great ideas to do with the family! What memories yall will share.

JK said...

I love the blocks! I think I need some--I have a 3 yr old, 2 yr old, and 9 mo. old! Cute idea for kid friendly decor.
Yes, I think I need to make one of Cherie's wreaths as well!
Oh, and by the way, I found you through Cherie Bakow. My brother is married to Brittany. Lucky me. :)

Small House said...

YOU GO GIRL!! I used to use my dads power tools. DANG...I need to get some for myself.

I had to laugh how you wait for your husband to leave and then use his tools. Isn't that the truth though with all of us in one thing or another. I'm a thrower to, which bugs my husband. GET RID OF IT!!

Love the blocks. Since I saw them, I have been looking for stickers. AND....I have the Christmas balls all ready to make a wreath. Looks like two of us will be having fun this week!
Have ag oood day.

Kimmie said...

Tauna I LOVE all of the cool new things you've added to your Blog. It speaks FALL...and I know that Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday!!

Sad your hubby is gone. I don't think I could ever get used to the idea of my hubby going on business trips.

I'm SO excited for all of the FUN you have planned for Thanksgiving weekend. What a great idea the nativity blocks are for kids!! Enjoy the "Man cave" while your hubby is away. (wink)

Brenda said...

aaarrrrgggghhhh!!! Just thinking about all those power tools makes me feel like Tim the Tool Man! I used to use my scroll saws and sanders tons...for Homemaking projects! FUN TIMES!
Those Nativity blocks are so sweet! LOVE EM! Great idea!

Life is good! said...

i must say, both of these ideas are darling! i love nativity scenes! and the wreath is lovely! have fun staying indoors on black friday, i'm with you on that one!!!

Camille said...

That clipart you found is sooo cute! I'm impressed you cut your own blocks! :) Have fun making this with your grandchildren! They'll love the memories made as well with you!

RatalieNose said...

Oh how I love your tool obsession!

kado! said...

oh...those block nativities are the CUTEST!!!!! I love them!

...oh and your background is super cute...I love the falling snow!