Monday, November 16, 2009

Embarassing moment....

I really like this song. I have it on my ipod and it's my song I listen to when I'm at the worst part of the run and need a little adreneline. It reminds me to "breathe, just breathe"

I love this song so much that I had it as a ring tone on my phone.
That's where the embarassing experience comes in.
It was in my work.
I was on the code work.
We had a work.
I was doing compressions, you know, on a person's chest. Cause they needed it.
Then much to my chagrin....
My phone in my pocket rings....this song goes right to the chorus....
"breathe, just breathe, ohhhhhh breathe, just breathe"
My ringone now?
Sweet Home Alabama


Kristina P. said...

Haha. Such a funny story. I hope they did breathe.

Cherie said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning! That is hilarious!!!
I hope that person lived too.

PS Your signature looks great!

Happy Mom said...

That, my dear, is awesome!

Julie Harward said...

That is SO funny! Well, I hope everyone got a big laugh out of it!
Come say hi :D

Kim said...

Oooo those moments we just want them to breathe, just breathe! I think I would have just started laughing, but considering . . .btw--love sweet home alabama--just one more reason we are SISTAS!!!!

Hugs Kim

Just Breathe said...

Are you kidding me! Very sad situation but oh so funny....

Kim said...

Just so you know, I am still laughing:)

Yvonne said...

That is too funny. (I sure hope it all turned out o.k.)

I'm not familiar with that song. I'd need it at the beginning of my run that's when I have the toughest time. After the first 7 or 8 minutes, I'm o.k.

The Garden of Egan said...

Uhm, I think you will think I'm an awful person.
No she did not live and it was OK. Seriously! When you are 99 it is not OK for family to put you through what we do to people when we are "coding" them, just so they can be 100.

kado! said...! (i just read your comment on the post...)

I am pretty sure she is glad to be in heaven!

...but how hilarious!

Camille said...

How appropriate!:) That made me smile!

Small House said...

How funny. I'm hoping that it all turned out okay though.
Have a great day.

wendy said...

Well I think that would have been very appropriate, you trying to restore someone back to life --JUST BREATHE.
that's pretty funny.

I have to share a story with you from my court days. We were sentencing this guy and he was pleading for mercy --to go lightly on him----that he would do better and wasn't really that bad of a guy
and is playing BAD TO THE BONE
We absolutely cracked up --my Judge was laughing right out loud.
Couldn't have been more perfect.
and as it turned out ---he did go lightly on him, guess it put him in a good mood

like you new blog look -------but I miss the picture of you heading into the out house

wendy said...

Oh crap ------I was going to say the "S" word but decided against it. Just goes to show how I DON'T LOOK as close as I should
The out house shot is still there
love it
will you still love me even though I am an idiot, imbasile (sp) nerd, jerk, freakazoid, nut case, absent minded, weirdo
deep down, I really am a sweety in my own very undefined, confusing way

Beth at Aunties said...

My funny bone needed tickled this morning! Thanks for the first laugh out loud laugh of the day!

I bet your team got a BIG chuckle out of that one! ~♥

linda said...

OMG, being a nurse I could picture the whole thing as it happened! Too funny!

g.suzie said...

Oh Tauna, too funny, now I don't feel so bad anymore. . .Remember when we were sitting in a training mtg. in Boise and a lovely Alicia Key's tune was blurting through the room (in the middle of the speel). I thought it was coming from the intercom system. . .turns out it was coming from my purse. . .I think you topped that one, great story!

gigi said...

No you didn't!!!!!! No, it didn't? Oh, honey, I am so sorry!! I would have died, no I guess I wouldn't have but ... oh, I'll hush.

Every time I hear Sweet Home Alabama I take off my shoes and cut the rug!!!!

Ann Marie said...

Maybe you should put on the "Thong Song" just to see what looks you get. I say it's all about shock value! (he-he) J/K

Connie said...

Embarassing but funny!
That's all I have to say about that! :-)

Kirsten said...

Ya, thats pretty hilarious combined with reading Wendy's story about being in court! OHHHH, SO funny the both of you!!!

Sondra said...

fun-NY! That song was totally appropriate for the situation..

You or Kimmie need to do a tutorial on the signature... I want one.

Kimmie said...

WOW your holiday banner at the top of your Blog and your signature looks AWESOME!!

Your post made me chuckle lots!! Hope you are enjoying your new "ring tone"!

Happy day!

Only Girl said...

laughing my head off

RatalieNose said...

K that is just too amazing!!