Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guess Who Came to Dinner??

Wasn't that a movie a zillion years ago?
Well, OK, this famous person didn't come to dinner cause I was too lame to think of doing something awesome like that. BUT, she did show up at my front door! I was so excited to meet her!

Yup Cherie from Bakow Babble came to my little humble abode!!!! I love when famous people show up at my door.
I tried to refrain from jumping up and down and making a total fool of myself because I was so excited to finally meet her. Hopefully she only thinks of me as a partial fool. Isn't she the prettiest?
I met Kim this summer and now Cherie.
Does life get any better?
She brought her darling daughter
Brittany and handsome son Trent. It was a real treat to be able to yak and yak and yak. I am pretty sure I saw Trent do about fifty double-eye rollovers, but he was very tolerant. His mama has raised him to be a polite young man.
And yes, life does get better cause Cherie brought me Christmas kisses, you know the white chocolate with peppermint pieces. I hid them in my secret stash of midnight snackies as soon as she left cause I'm not so generous as to share treats like that.
She was so nice and fun and interesting. It was like we had met before. She has a beautiful smile and wonderful spirit and she was so kind. LOVED meeting her. She had met Kimmie the day before. Kimmie lives in my town and I know who she is, so there is ANOTHER famous person I know.
Cherie said she had come to visit Brittany and do Christmas wreaths. She posted a tutorial about them here. Well, being the non-crafty person that I am and being one that has no original ideas of my own, I promptly sent an email out to my daughters and daughters-in-law and informed them of this fabulous craft idea that I came up with that we were going to do on Black Friday. They all emailed me back and told me they were so excited to get together and do this fabulous craft and "you are such a wonderful mother and mother-in-law and so creative, we hope to grow up and be as awesome as you someday blah blah". (Sorry Cherie, but I'll stoop to whatever level it takes to be most awesome!)
I'm slightly embarassed that I wasn't wearing make up and looking fabulous like they were, but it was my day off and my face wanted a rest.
Again, it was great to meet her and meet such an awesome woman and new friend!


Kristina P. said...

How fun! Cherie and Brittany both seem so cute.

wendy said...

I read about that visit in Cherie's blog. I was JEALOUS. I'd love to meet you both. I find it interesting how you can kinda tell "who you have this instant connection with" without even meeting.
I feel that way about the both of you.
Was it spontaneous --you didn't know she was coming.
I'd die if one of you saw me without my makeup and hair done ( I am such a drama queen that way)
anyway, very very cool that you got to visit.
maybe someday in heaven we can have this big blogger reunion and get to KNOW each other

Well, maybe you'll have to take a little escalator trip DOWN to see me, but I'd surely appreciate it.

gigi said...

That comment, that Wendy wrote could have come straight from me, every word of it!! I am so jealous that yall got to meet each other! How fun! I couldn't think of a more fun thing to do than meet some of my favorite bloggers.

And I WOULD SO DIE if you caught me with out my makeup!! I don't wear a whole lot but what I do wear helps a bunch!

This was such a fun post and you know you "Rock" girlfriend as an awesome mom and MIL!

Julie Harward said...

How fun to meet in person a friend from blogland! Bet that was a nice suprise. Well, here I am, your new friend..hope you don't mind the visit! Hope to be good friends! Come say hi any time :D

Nana said...

That is great! Don't worry about the make up thing. I too let my face rest regularly.

Nana said...

Oh, and thank you for thinking of me. ( the award) I will try and answer in a responsible time. tee hee.

Connie said...

Even if you're not wearing make-up, you still look fabulous!
How fun to meet blogging friends and especially Cherie! I read her tutorial too and thought I'd do the same thing with my daughters and DIL! Great minds think alike!

Cherie said...

Tauna - Between you and Kimmie I feel like borrowing Wendy's Tiara!! Seriously, you both are so nice! I'm blushing :D

BTW you look completely fab with no make-up. You have beautiful skin. I wouldn't dare of come to your house with no makeup you would have dropped the camera when you opened the door! Hee hee

As far as the wreaths you gotta do what you gotta do to stay on top! I am so glad you will be doing the wreaths! You are a super mom, MIL and Grandma!! Oh and FRiend - Whoo hooo now that I can call you a Real Life Friend :D

Ann Marie said...

I hope I get to meet both of you one day!
Yay for bloggy meet and greets!

linda said...

How fun!

I don't know Kimmie but I think Cherie is a doll. Seems like the kind of person you'd like to have as a neighbor!

I've met 2 blogging friends in real life. I now consider them treasured friends!

Small House said...

HEY LUCKY LADY! Sounds like Cherie was making the rounds this past weekend. I would say you are lucky to meet such a nice person.
Have a great day.

Beth at Aunties said...

I was thinking late last night when I read Cherie's blog how fun for her and adorable daughter and you to meet! I would adore meeting my blogging sisters.
I am so with Wendy though ~ I so need my hair done and make up on. Cherie is so gorgeous!
I can picture handsome Trent rolling his eyes. (Your granddaughter is darling.) They seem to be a wonderful family.

Then I saw your name on Julie's comments today an thought I would come say hi!
My mom is a Ricks, so you must live in familiar territory to me!:)

Sondra said...

I love visiting your blog because I always end up laughing. My nickname without make up is "spook".. It is a scary sight.

I'm glad you were able to get together with Cherie - she is the best! Blogging friends are the best!!

Wendy's comment is funny too. A blogger reunion in heaven... love it!

LKP said...

ha ha ha! if i was still in idaho i would drive a little condensed VT message down to ya. =) so do you think just the soup or the kit's better?

LKP said...

funny, cause i ran to the store before i got your message, but i was thinking the exact same thing about the condensed milk, so i got 3 green bean casserole kits put together! lol. we were sooo in-tune in thinking. i love it!
as far as photography is concerned, i always loved it, but was a poor farm kid growing up so i could never afford the film to go nuts with it. had a fantastic professor in college however who i really learned a lot from. this may sound sick, but i even LOVED the smells in the dark room...same as for the dark room in my years of dental assisting with xrays! i know i'm soooo weird. but not that digital is the age, no worries about copping up the money for wasted/excessive film---so photolife is bittersweet (sad on the no more dark room need, glad on more affordable of a passion). aside from schooling, a lot is trial & error...helps though that my hubby's uncle was THE photographer in our region for most of our lives before he closed up shop. so if i'm really needing some extra help i can always get pointers from him. also helped while we lived in idaho that i made friends with a photographer or two as well (icing on the photo cake). ever met a guy outta blackfoot named john hoobler? he's fantastic! has been shooting for like ever. owns studio41 (also used to own & run blue studio which was in downtown idaho falls over by the theater & the defining line which is my favoritest salon in the world!!!---was just a couple doors from the snakebite, ooh! and around the bend from great harvest! blue studio was eventually absorbed by studio41). he was always a great person to bounce my shots off of & glean extra ideas from. as far as what i have now, i got into a nikon D60 for sheer size reasons. it weighs a lot less than others, has the same capabilities for the most part as the D80, but easier for me to handle. i would LOVE a D300 or D500 (newer model to replace the 300), alas i will have to wait before i jump into that price range. i have friends who really love their canons, but i appreciate the consistency in the Nikons, also the lenses i like are superior. i actually heard canon & nikon are neck & neck as far as glass is concerned, but i've chosen my side of the fence i guess. while in college i was not dealing with as many bells & whistles as are on my D60 now, so i've done a lot of reading & still have tons more to do...but again, i've learned through trial & error the best i guess. does that all help? what kind of camera do you have?

Rhonda said...

WOW. and...btw, for not wearing makeup you look amazing woman.

Yvonne said...

I read on Cherie's blog that she had visited you. How fun. Wow--you look GREAT without make-up ; )

I love meeting blogging buddies. It is so fun.

BTW, I loved the wreath tutorial. I hope to have a chance to do one before Christmas.

Beth at Aunties said...

We are in the SL valley:)
I understand the sniffles of your last post. My hsuband was the bishop before our current one who was then his counselor. He has served in six bishoprics and we celebrated when he finally got to sit with me, but by then the kids were raised. LOL
I cherish those moments. Now he is on the HC and assigned to another ward. Yet, I wouldn't change a thing.:-)

Camille said...

It's so fun to make friends trough blogs - and to spend time with them in real life! :)

Live.Love.Eat said...

It's awesome meeting bloggers who have become friends. I have only met one so far and it was incredible!!!

Thanks so much for your visit recently. I have been playing catchup! Come on by for an awesome foodie giveaway. I rarely do giveaways so this is a good one!

RatalieNose said...

K I am so jealous!! I wanna meet Mamma Cherie! And now that I'm getting to know you I wannna meet you too!!! Well someday! In the meantime, I'm loving getting to know you in the blogworld!!

Kimmie said...

Tauna you are SO funny! One of the main reasons I love visiting your Blog. I tell you, one of these days I will hopefully be in Rexburg (since we live 10 miles south of Rexburg) with some kind of goodie introducing myself and actually chatting with you in real life (rather than say "Hi" in the grocery store).

OH, and YES, I had a hair, red faced drama when I met Cherie and Brittany...glad I wasn't the only one). WINK! BUT you looked great!! The photo on the couch is a great photo of the three of you.

I can't wait to see your "Signature" on your Blog. If you have any other questions just let me know. I'm just an email away.

Hope your day has been wonderful!

kado! said...

not fair! i wanna meet Cherie & you too! How fun!

those wreaths she made ARE cute...I so am gonna make them this year..so cute & easy! (i hope)