Monday, September 22, 2008

The poor refugees....

Lyns and Lexi arrived last week with no place to call home. (snuffle) They are without water and electricity and roads are minimally passable. No stores operating and curfew in place. Lyns decided that rather than be in that she would bring her little munchin and come home.

Lexi doesn't think much of airplane travel or hours in a car for that matter.

Lexi is usually very happy and good natured....except when mommy feeds her a lemon.

Can you imagine anyone doing that to their sweet little darling? It's a shame, really.

I mean, I only ever had Lynsey taste a dill pickle...never a lemon!

Of course, no babyhood is complete without pictures in the tub. Lexie loves bathtime and splashes and coos. It's pretty cute and I've been pretty happy to see her for this long. I'm not sure daddy likes being without his little munchin, but I'm a happy granny right now.

In the meantime the canning continues. It's great to be able to use the basement kitchen to do the dirty hot work of canning. I've done peaches and salsa, pickles and meats. Tonight I'm waiting for the last of the ham and beans to come out of the pressure canner. That will be a great convenience food to have on some cold winter night.

Speaking of cold, yup it feels like fall. The days of tomatoes from the vine are numbered.


Jeppesens said...

What a cute baby. You are lucky to have had such fun visitors. I hope you are feeling better. I know what you mean about the weather getting cold. I was going to work the other morning and I almost had to go and get a coat. Ah the summer always goes too fast!!

Mary Z said...

Cute baby! I cannot imagine feeding a baby lemons.HAHAHAHA!