Monday, September 8, 2008

A Crazy Weekend!

This morning my BFF Rebecca came over and brought tomatoes, onions and peppers and I taught her how to make salsa! I'll make a Molly Mormon out of her if it's the last thing I do! I think she had fun and can I just say that it was fun to can with someone! We ended up with 35 pints of salsa.

On Saturday night Howie helped me can peaches. I didn't think they would be ready quite yet, but they were and I knew that they wouldn't wait clear till Monday. Once again, having someone help me can made it fun and even bearable.

So I may never be able to can again, unless I have some free labor.

We also enjoyed the weekend having Matt and Tara's little punks here. Matt and Tara took off to celebrate their 9th Anniversary. They were married 9-9-99. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, the kids have been a blast. It's so fun to see their little personalities. They are all good natured, well, except when Jessica had a meltdown in Sacrament Meeting. I finally sent her up to sit on the stand with Grandpa, he can calm her savage beast.

Even after her nap she was a bit of a monster. Nate and Sara and Krew came over to visit and they couldn't even get her to smile for a minute. Krew was trying to love her.

Speaking of Krew......he's pretty generous with his kisses, but I'm not sure if I want any of them.

Everybody got a "Krew Kiss"

Later on Sunday evening Jessica wanted to go for a walk. So we followed her. Well I followed her and grandpa so I could snap a few photos...pretty cute stuff if ya ask me.

The boys have had fun with Uncle Cameron.....I wonder which one is winning and the back of those heads look all alike, don't they?


The Idaho Shaum's said...

Tauna I didn't know you were such a canning fool! way to go you will surely be smiling this winter when you enjoy the fruits. opps did I say winter sorry! Life is good with those cute grand kids!

Jeppesens said...

Tauna becca said she had a great time. You will have to post your recipe for your salsa. I have some tomatoes that need a purpose in life and salsa is a good one. You are such a great homemaker. I hope someday I can be half the mom/wife as you are for your family!!

Mary Z said...

i love the picture of Howard holding her little hand. So cute. Oh an dby the way you make me tired when I see alll that you have accomplished.

Michael Mecham said...

Tauna you are amazing! We will have to get some tips from you next year when we are getting our garden ready.
:)It was good to see you the other day. -Wendy