Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My feet are tired!

It's been a long few weeks! Lyns and Lexie made it back to Houston on Saturday night. It was great to have them here. We are excited that they'll come back again in November for Cameron's farewell.

I've been canning up a storm....still! Everyday I wake up and think...."hmm what can I can today". It's great having a kitchen downstairs that I can make a mess in and then walk away. But then it's bad too...cause I have two kitchens that I can make a mess in!

Today I made 14 quarts of apple pie filling, I've never done that before. It's so pretty in the jars. I did 18 quarts of spaghetti sauce. Added to the spaghetti sauce I did a few weeks ago, I may have enough for the winter. I also did 11 pints of peach syrup. I got some peaches from mom that were the size of apricots. I did peel one box of them and then decided that was enough of that. I just juiced the other box. I also did some zucchini relish, hadn't done that before either. On Saturday I did more meatballs and hamburger. So anyway, the shelves are looking good and I think I'm getting stocked up with some pretty tasty food. Tara is coming this weekend and we're going to can some salsa for her and maybe some Indian Relish. Matt said he really liked that, I had no clue.

The weather today was beautiful. 84 degrees for the end of September is fabulous. I think I would like to keep that up until the 15th of November. Anyone else agree with that?


Jeppesens said...

Glad to hear that lindsey and lexie to back to houston safely. I'm sure lexie's daddy was glad to see her. I decided that if there is a natural disaster I am going to move into your basement. You are prepared. I guess we all need to take lessons from you. Your pioneer ancestors would be so proud of you!!

Mary Z said...

Hey Martha...and yes I wnat winter to hold off for a couple of months say February.

Kirsten said...

Way to go on the canning! I've always admired you for that! I'll never forget the enrichment you did on the frozen meals. I miss you guys and the ward. It's been hard for me to move but is getting easier each week. Nothing can ever replace the 4th ward though!

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Kirsten Ellsworth