Thursday, September 27, 2018


Cameron and Guen came a couple of weeks ago and we took a little hike up past Kelly Canyon.
Teddy was thrilled to find a big feather.
Timmy was happy with sticks.

Uncle Nate got to hold the twins.
We went to Denver over Labor Day Weekend to bless them.

Little Leighton LOVED holding beebees.

All of the family that could come came.
We brought my parents as well. 
Matt and Tara and family came from Utah,
Nate and Sara and family came from Twin Falls.
It was a full house and completely enjoyable.

Locklyn was acting shy.
Good act, because she is definitely not shy.

Lucy and Lilly!
We even got a little smile out of Lilly.

They are 5 months old now!
But are 7 pounds and 8 pounds.
They are like 6 week old babies.

Mommy took a minute to hold them before we took them out of the dresses.
Lucy wasn't enjoying all the lace.
Lilly wore Lexi's blessing dress from 10 years ago.
Lucy wore Aunt Candice's blessing dress from 27 years ago.

Grandpa was holding Nick's little nephew that is 4 months old.
He was born at term.

Matt and Tara 

My mom and dad.

Grandpa Howie and Matt and Nate.
Some of the favorite men in my life.
We missed having Cameron and family and Candice and Tyler.
It would have been so great to be all together.

They are growing so fast and I wish I lived closer.

Lexi is such a great big sister!
She dances and hops around to entertain them.

Lilly's eyelashes!

Sometimes I think they look a little bit alike.
And sometime I don't think they look related!

It is such a blessing to see my family grow.
These humans have turned out good.
And our family isn't done growing yet.
Guen and Cameron will add another in February!

We are blessed beyond measure.


Marsha said...

Ahhhh, Family.....lifes greatest treasure!

Saimi said...

Love, love, love this post!! Oh my gosh all this family is the best not to mention the grands!! Lilly and Lucy are looking so healthy and happy, those smiles are adorable. Lilly's eyelashes are so long and beautiful and Lexi is a wonderful big sister! Face time is the best invention next to making babies! Congratulations on the upcoming addition!!!
I think of you every time Im in Idaho and wish we could meet for lunch sometime.

Julia said...

It's so nice getting an update from you. The little angels are growing so well and I just love that big smile. What blessings this must be for you and the family. A little more time will make all the difference and thee little darlings will be catching up fast to the the full term babies. Great family pictures.

I'm still not blogging and I've been so busy preserving the harvest.
Wishing you a great Fall.
Hugs, Julia

Kerin said...

A post full of blessings and joy!
How wonderful that the babes are doing so well. They are miracles!!
I think it is awesome that everyone could be there to celebrate their blessings and celebrate the miracle of their lives :)
Your family is growing; very happy for you.
Congrats on the addition of another Grand!

Enjoy this lovely season.


Just Mags said...

Sweet Tauna what a beautiful family you have. All the children are just adorable. Love those smiles on those little sweeties. They are looking happy and healthy. Hugs and blessings

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my, what a wonderful gathering you had. I love all the photos.

Barb said...

Hi Tauna!!

What sweet photos - you have such a beautiful family!! those little twins are absolutely adorable, I loved the photo with their sister holding them...priceless! So glad they are doing so well!

Hugs and Love,