Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Twin Monkey

Lexi brought a few stuffed animals to the NICU so we could compare sizes.
She ended up having this monkey and it cracked me up.
Long spindly legs and arms.
It's going to be a fun reference as they grow.

I started putting the monkey in the isolettes in the same positions as the babies happened to be in.
Some of the photos ended up being pretty funny.
Lucy and monkey...
snuggled up together.

Lilly and Monkey

It was fun to try and position the arms and legs of the monkey just like 
the babies. 

Lucy sweet dreams.

Lilly all stretched out.

So restful.

A little Lilly Monkey snuggle time with mommy.

Just chillin'



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Those photos are adorable, sweet and beautiful. What a great idea you had!!

Just Mags said...

What precious pictures, how did you ever think to do that? Do you know how I can get notices when you post sweet Tauna? I have not found a way to follow your blog so I never know when you put out a new post. Hugs

Barb said...


Oh my goodness...how did I miss these posts!? What precious little angels...or should I say miracles. So glad babies and mama are doing well! The monkies are adorable...I always call my little grands "monkies", how appropriate, although these tiny babies are way cuter than the monkies!

So glad they are doing well, and your brother is right, you do live on miracles!!

Hugs and love,

Julia said...

Lucy and Lilly are so adorable, sweet little girls with their monkeys. You are such a wonderful grandmother. I'm so sorry the babies had a rough beginning but I'm sure they will thrive with all the love that surrounds them.

I've been without internet since the flood and just got my power, and internet yesterday. This year's flood was such a long duration.
The water is down and now the cleanup is beginning. We are salvaging what we can and purging the rest.

Wishing the twins the best of health and hopefully, they will soon be able to go home with mommy and daddy.
Hugs, Julia

Saimi said...

Oh Grandma, you just like to monkey around!! Wow how did I miss all your posts? I just went back and read them I can't believe her due date was July 17 and those little girls decided not to wait. They are tiny but I agree with your brother, your family does live on miracles!! Congratulations to your entire family those little sweetie pies are going to bring a lot of giggles and silliness once they are up and running. I need to be more attentive so I don't miss anymore of their updates.