Friday, October 20, 2017


Too much noise.
Internet, TV, News...
Too much.

Too much yelling.
People everywhere causing anxiety,
instilling anger and hatred.

And I am fatigued of it all.
And we don't even have TV.

We have an antennae on the house...
and we get one channel.
And we don't even watch that.

I don't miss it.

I spent the day canning.
I made Spaghetti Sauce and Applesauce. 

I haven't canned for 3 years!
So unlike me.

And for the first time in 34 years...

It was easy to can.
I didn't have to do it outside 
because I have this fabulous gas stove.
And I have this functional kitchen.
It was amazing.

The apples were free from a sweet cousin.
I was able to get 50 pints.

It was therapeutic.

It wasn't noisy.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Way to go on the canning. I have never canned anything. You should be so proud of yourself! We do have TV but I never watch the news. Haven't watched in many, many years unless I hear about a disaster somewhere like the hurricanes. Now Facebook is filled with so much of it that I tend to stay away from it more often. I want to good old days back. It is crazy out there and I'm afraid. I have been suffering from anxiety recently and it is getting out of control.

Julia said...

Wow, that a lot of canning. I haven't done any canning or preserves this year for the first time in ages. I've been just so busy and over tired. Taking a break from canning was a good decision. I still have lots left from the previous years anyway.

I rarely watch TV nut my husband is a News junky. I hate all the repetition of what ever disaster of latest news and a lot s from Trump's latest Twitters. I love the good old days too and I still have my little cell phone that I only use when I really need to contact my family members, especially at the farm.
Hugs, Julia

Marsha said...

Every year, I do the canning thing.....except this year, I didn't do nearly as much. I only bottled tomatoes and froze peas and corn and called it good. Your apples look yummy! You will certainly enjoy all those apples come winter. You can do so much with apples and they are a perfect fall/winter food.
About the noise, that is why I love living where I do............not much noise, unless you count bawling cows and all the birds and animals as noise. But then again, I like that kind of noise. I'm not much into t.v. either. There are a few shows I like but other than that, not much t.v. for me.
Have a wonderful day and ENJOY THOSE APPLES!

Barb said...

Hi Tauna!

I agree, too much of everything! Our road has turned into a main thoroughfare - people coming and going all hours of the day and night. There is a big sand hill right down the road from us, and a construction company hauls sand out in huge trucks all day...I'm afraid it might last for years!

I love that you don't have TV, I need to get on that bandwagon. My kids don't have TV, but the mama does!

Your applesauce looks amazing - and nothing better than free apples, I miss that. I does make a difference having a gas stove, everything seems to cook faster, I think it's more efficient! I'm so glad you are enjoying your new home, what a wonderful thing!

Have a great week!

Hugs and Love,

Dawn Anderson said...

I'm with you on the overwhelming noise of the world! We haven't had TV in over 3 years and I do not miss it one bit. Your canning makes me wish I knew how to do that too! Maybe 2018 will be my year of canning now that we live in Oregon where everything grows and grows!xoxo