Wednesday, March 16, 2016


In all of our imperfections and craziness

We are still family. 
Uncle Matt getting acquainted with his two nieces. (The Irish Twins)
Lexi being surprised by Sophie. 
Cute grandsons. 
This one is almost 16!!!!!
And this little leprechaun turns 10 on St Patrick's Day. 

These two watching the tribute DVD of mom's life. 
Great grandchildren singing at the funeral. 

Here are a lot of us. 

We aren't perfect. 

But we are family. 

Such a legacy to a sweet matriarch. 


Julia said...

Great photos of the family. We usually do the same thing when we gather for a family funeral. We're a very large family...It usually the only time we're all together for family photos.


Saimi said...

She's smiling you know, seeing all of you together.... nothing loves family more than a mother

Pooh and her Pooch said...

Nothing like of God's greatest gifts and masterpieces. Hugs