Saturday, December 3, 2011


I met Connie a couple of years ago at the CBC.
(Kazzy, Connie and me.)
I also met Camille, Connie's daughter.
(Isn't she purty?
And what's with that deer-in-the-headlight look????)

I met up with Connie about a year ago. She came to Gigi's sisters funeral.
We both wanted to be there to support Gigi.
The amazing thing about blogging friends is that I seem to gravitate to women that inspire and motivate me to be better, kinder and teach me something.
Last night I got to meet Connie again.
Her sweet daughter Camille married a boy from my hometown!
Did I remember my camera?
Did I get a picture of the bride and groom?
Thank goodness for cell phone cameras.
Connie's husband said that he is amazed by the blogging phenomenon.
Ya, me too.
The reception was beautiful and the cupcakes were delicious.
I was a little frazzled because I was trying to keep my 3 year old granddaughter in sight.
Note the jars in my hands.
Connie's own apricot jam, grape jelly and juice!
I totally scored!
Since I have met up with Connie three times now, I'm thinking we'll be going to the all family reunions!
I'll probably get to see her more often because Camille is living here!


Anonymous said...

Awesome to meet blog friends in person. I am always amazed at the ease in conversation, like we had known each other for years! Best wishes to the bride and groom.

Cherie said...

Well that is soooo fun!! I didn't realize Camille's hubby is from there. Very cool indeed.

I have also met and had dinner with Connie once - she is so inspiring and wonderful - as are you my dear.

So glad you got to go!!

Brenda said...

That is great! How fun for both of you! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom.
Stay warm my friend! I've been cold all day today, and it's 60 degrees.

Connie said...

Oh, Tauna! It was SO good to see you last night! Camille and I were both talking about how nice, pretty and fun you are! You failed to mention in the post how I scored with your huckleberry and apple syrup! Thank you! Thank you!

I agree that the blogging phenomenon is amazing and wonderful! We get to meet some of the most "phenomenal" people.
And yes, since we've visited 3 different times, you ARE part of the family and should join us for festive occasions!

Anonymous said...

I remember when you met Connie the first time...that is so cool you met her again and you may get to see her more often now. All the pictures are great. Hugs

Yvonne said...

So glad that you got to see Connie again. It is so wonderful to reconnect with blogging friends.

And yes, Connie's daughter is beautiful--but I'm not at all surprised, after all LOOK AT HER MOM ; )

Barb said...

Hi Taune!

I think it's wonderful that you meet your blogging buddies in person!! It's such a small world when we get right down to it!

I think you are right, we do tend to gravitate to people who are wonderful... ;0)

Thank you for your sweet thoughts on my last post, I so appreciate my blogging buddies support.


wendy said... gravitate towards people who inspire you and help you do better, and you can learn from.
What the Hell are you doing hanging around Me.???

Connie is a doll, love her. I have met Kazzy once and would love to know her better.

cool that you got to go to her daughters reception.
ha ha ha...I was kinda liking the "deer in the headlights" look.
You wear it well.

ok, I'll go read some Self Help-Improvement books now...
wo I can be, like, more Inspirational or something.

Kristina P. said...

You guys are all like my surrogate mom. If you were my real mom, you would be an anti-Mormon, bipolar gypsy.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

What a wonderful and fun thing this blogging world is..might I even say a blessing? Yepper, I would :-)

You all look lovely and happy..and isn't that what it's all about? Certainly not just the Hokey Pokey....

Julie Harward said...

That is wonderful...I would love to meet a blog friend in person! I just love Connie too, I have had an awful time getting into her blog of late though!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Awesome-sauce!!! I love meeting bloggy friends! And when you do meet, it's like you've known each other FOREVER!

So when are you dragging your behind to Italy????

Barbaloot said...

I've always associated the two of you with each other...I'm not sure since I think I started following your blogs before you met, but somehow it seems to fit:)

Kimmie said...

I got to meet Connie as well...(I'm sad we missed seeing you there Tauna).

Connie is one of those wonderful people that inspires me greatly and she is more wonderful in real life than I even imagined. She and YOU are truly my most inspirational people in the blogging world!! What a wonderful thing blogging has been for me, I have people that inspire me to be better and some of them I haven't met in real life until recently. It is an amazing phenomenon. Ethan left the reception saying that Connie is amazing and he wished that she was his grandma! (such a priceless kid moment)

You beat me to posting about Connie, but my post is coming soon and I got spoiled as well with jam, jelly and grape juice.

Looking forward to having FUN with you this week. Just let me know a day, if this week won't work and you have to do it the next week that is just fine....I'm just EXCITED for whenever it all comes together.

Thank you for inspiring me daily are more of an inspiration to others than you will ever know! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a sweet post and how awesome to have made a friendship with a blogging friend. I have yet to meet any of mine in person.

Valerie said...

So awesome! Connie is the best...and I think you are pretty fantastic yourself.
Wasn't the reception just lovely? (I attended the one in UT) So happy for Camille!!!

Kerin said...

How wonderful to have a 'forever friend'... all because of blogging :)
Gee...who wudda thunk??!!

How nice to be able to see each other and celebrate milestones.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Camille said...

a blog post about ME?!?!?! Oh I'm honored! ESPECIALLY that you came and celebrated with us in Rexburg. You have been so very welcoming to me with my move and it's so comforting to know you're close by. Thank you so much for the delicious hot chocolate!!! I think it should help me through the Rexburg arctic weather. :) You're such an amazing woman Tauna - I'm so thankful to have met you! Thank you again for coming and supporting us!!

gigi said...

Tauna, you Rock!! As well as Connie and Camille. I hope Camille can survivie that Rexburg winter. I only spent one winter there and this Florida raised girl nearly froze to death! So fun that she has you right there in town and you are right! Now you get to see Connie even more! Just think, I get to see all of you in March!!!!!

Cherie said...

Oh yeah - Fine! Now that I know what Kimmie really thinks!@!
(tee hee)

just call me jo said...

I know...blogging friends are so wonderful. Like sisters. If I ever get to the 'Berg I will look you up. I'm so glad for you. You have such a great personality, I know you deserve such a great friend in Connie. Keep waiting for the angel pictures... I'm behind now.

StitchinByTheLake said...

What's amazing to me is the intimacy that we women are able to establish through blogging. I have blogging friends who hear immediately if something's going on with me and I hear from them - whether it's a request for prayers, someone to vent to when the hubby does something stupid, or sharing something about our daily life moments. You can't tell the difference between friends who live in the neighborhood and friends who live around the world in your heart. blessings, marlene

Nancy Face said...

Connie is a sweetie, and so are you! :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Wonderful post! I haven't gotten to meet too many blogging women, but the ones I have met were so kind and fun to be around, Kazzy included. And the one blogging friend I've gotten to know is amazing.

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

I'm so glad you are having a great time with blog friends. I'm very excited for March and want to blog about it soon!

Marydon said...

Most all meetings turn out to be absolutely heart warming experiences with our blogging sistahs! So glad you have had such a fabulous time with her.

Congrats to the lovely bride & groom on their wedding day.

Have a beautiful week ~

Emmy said...

So awesome that you get getting to be such great friends IRL with so many bloggers.
And yes, the whole blogging thing is insane and wonderful

Ginger said...

That is so fun! I can't believe how many friends I have made through blogging and I still haven't met any in person yet. I hope to be able to someday! I am like you - I gravitate towards blogs that uplift and inspire me to be a better person. Your's is most definitely one of them. :)

mCat said...

Connie is a keeper! Not that I've met her in person yet, but I just know she's a keeper.

And I wanted to steal Wendy's comment, about your being drawn to inspirational women....we all know that I the best de-motivater ever!

lifeinredshoes said...

It it just us Mormons that meet people everywhere we go?

Heather said...

That is awesome you got to see her again! I have only met her once and I would love to try her apricot jam! You are lucky!

It is so nice to meet blog friends it makes it more official. The thing I have loved about meeting blog friends is when I meet them I feel I already know them!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

That's so awesome! I'm glad you guys have turned out to be such great friends!
Truly, I think that's amazing!

LKP said...

woot woot! lucky you getting to not only party with connie again, but that you get to see camille often now! AWESOME-SAUCE!!! i'm totally jealous. :D love you! ::hugs::

Valerie said...

I was hoping to come to the reception as well. It would have been fun to meet both of you. Sadly, my hubby lost his job, so we decided to head to SLC to see the lights as a last hurrah before his last paycheck runs out...

I'm glad you were able to reconnect! Looks like it was a fun time!

Valerie said...

I live in the same city as Connie and rarely get to see her. I am too busy for fun. But we've bumped into each other a couple of times at the store. :)