Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walkin' in the Winter Wonderland.....

OK, it's finally here....the snow! The Christmas Wreath candles are burning (4 in case you were wondering) The fire is going in the fireplace, making the house toasty. Outside it's a mere 2 degrees above zero and the lights in the tree are going. I guess Christmas can come now. Except I haven't dipped my chocolates yet (tomorrow I hope) I haven't done any shopping (tomorrow I hope).

For Lynsey's benefit I'm posting some pictures of tonights snow...she's worried she'll come all the way from Texas and not have any.

So, here' proof of the snow....look at poor Elmer....he's cold. (Elmer was Howie's idea since he was a Chinese Elm tree....maybe it should be Elmer San...kinechewa)

The snow today was very fluffy and pretty. It's always pretty if I don't have to drive in it.
This past Thursday and Friday we went to Salt Lake to be chaparones for the Bel Cantos Choir and High School Orchestra. It was fun to stay in a hotel and wander around the Gateway Mall and Temple Square. We went to a Kurt Bestor Christmas Concert on Thursday night. However....Friday night we left Salt Lake at about 9:30 at night. We got to about Malad and then the snow hit....ferociously! It was a white knuckle drive for me all the way home. So, as long as I don't have to drive or be in a car in the icky weather I love the snow.

Temple Square is beautiful at Chirstmas time.

Snow is beautiful at Christmas time.

But.................this is NOT beautiful at Christmas time!

Arent' there laws against this? Save the planet and global warming? Come on! This is obscene! Maybe I won't be dipping chocolates or shopping after all....I have a room to bulldoze!

Has she no pride? Can't she give me a Christmas present? A clean room!

What's a mother to do?


g.suzie said...

Oh brother does that bring back memories, I remember just shutting the door and thinking at some point the kid will run out of clothes and have to do SOMETHING!!
Now that same kiddo is quite a neat freak. . .there's hope!

Mary Z said...

I am with Suzie...Andy was hopeless, his included old moldy food. Now he runs circles around his neat Mom. (except at my house, he reverts to his messy old ways).

Kirsten said...

I feel like December is complete now with the snow. I hate driving in it too though. I try not to go to town unless Paul can go with me so he can drive.

Have a great Christmas! Tell bishop hello for us!

Nef Fam said...

Good thing Candice is so incredibly awesome at everything other than keeping her room clean. I also agree with Suzie -- shut the door and pretend it's not there. :)

Glad you made it back safe from SLC!

Nef Fam said...
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Only Girl said...

Which kid do ya think suzie is talken about?? im sure it must be a.j.!!