Monday, December 1, 2008

Is it realy December 1st?

Could someone pinch me please? It's now OK for me to be playing Christmas music? (Some people in this house think Christmas music in July is a bit much)
Is it really OK for me to be burning the Christmas Wreath candle I love so much? Thanks to a great Porters sale I now have 8 of them....hopefully that will last me for the month.

I love Christmas. I love the smells, the baking, the dipping, the lights, the decorations. I love the snow! I love Christmas cards............I'm so excited!

I really have got to remove the fall decorations and get busy!


Mary Z said...

I am asking myself the same. Is it December? It is 75 degrees with a tropical breeze.

g.suzie said...

Tauuuna, the new Christmas background looks good, and when aren't you busy in the kitchen, thanks for the help with our choc creations, they got better after getting some 'expertism' from you!

Only Girl said...

They got sooo good that mine are gone again. my boys love'em. Steve only bits the half with the chocolate and carmel other than that he hates the pretzels. Funnny guy.

Nef Fam said...

Big Tuna -- Amen to all you say. Christmas time is so happy and fantastic -- and I too LUV the Christmas tunes. By the way, love your background. I inadvertently picked ze same one. Wow -- I must have such good taste. :)

Only Girl said...

Tawna will you help your friend update her blog??? she is stuck in the month of october.