Saturday, January 20, 2018


Our oldest child is having twins!

We were shocked that she was even having another baby.
They have one daughter and she is 9.

While we were in Costa Rica she called with the news that it was

I can't stop grinning.

This past weekend we drove to Denver.
She had a friend that was doing a Gender Reveal Party for her.

Apparently that's the thing to do.

Neither Lynsey or Nick knew what they were having.
The results had been sealed in an envelope and given to the friend doing the party.
Thia is a picture of them opening the bag of balloons for 
Baby A

Her friend had done such an adorable job decorating and getting everyone excited and picking teams. 
Team girls. 
Team boys. 
Team both. 

And this is the picture of them opening the bag for 
Baby B

And we are having 


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Congratulations! That is such exciting news.

lesa said...

This is so exciting. I love their facial expressions!

Julia said...

Wow, how exciting... Congratulations. I'm the grandmother of twin boys and when my daughter Nicole was visiting from Scotland, we all gathered at the local favorite pub for a family meal, and I predicted that she would have twins, and she didn't know it yet but she did get twins. Twins run in my family. My grandmother had twins, her daughter had twins, my sister had twins and my daughter had twins. Twins grow up fast and I'm sure you'll have a ball buying sweet little outfits for them. Lucky grandma.
Hugs, Julia

Julia said...

Ooops, my daughter Nicole was visiting from Scotland but it was my daughter Jackie who was pregnant with twins... Julia

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

That is so funny Julia. We have no twins in our family.

Barb said...


Oh my gosh, what exciting news!!! What a fun surprise, and isn't it wonderful that they have a 9 year old who will love having baby sisters?! She will be great help for her mom. There are twins on both sides of my family and Bob's, but we were just lucky to get three healthy babies here, let alone two at a time!!

Congratulations, Grandma!!

Hugs and Love,

Marsha said...

How exciting to not only get one blessing from Heaven, but TWO! Little "Grands" are just the best thing every!

Saimi said...

Oh my goodness I couldn't be more excited for you and your family!!! Twin girls!!! Oh the FUN!! What a fun way to reveal the news its defiantly worthy of a PARTY!! Oh I can't wait for the pictures, lots of pictures. You're gonna be a busy poster I can tell!!!

Laura Lynn said...

How exciting! I haven't been by in a long time so I'm glad to see you're still here!

Momza said...

OH wonderful news!!!! Twice the love!!

Just Mags said...

You all look so happy. What an exciting time for all of you. Hugs and congratulations!