Wednesday, September 20, 2017


We planted this pear tree this Spring.
Tree is a stretch....more like a twig.
But it grew about 2 dozen pears.
I didn't have the heart to pick off the baby fruit.
Poor branches.
I did pick them a few days ago.

The fires we have had all over the West were horrific.
But the sunsets were amazing.
Thankfully we have had so much rain and it seems that the fires are over.

We got off work early a couple of weeks ago and drove to Salt Lake (4 hour drive) to meet up
with several of Howard's missionary companions.
He served in the London South Mission many many years ago.
His Mission President was Richard Eyre. 
He and his wife Linda have written many books on families.
It was so fun to listen to the stories of their mission experiences. 
President Eyre was only 31 and Linda was only 27 when they were Mission Presidents.
It was fun and I'm glad we went.
(Getting home at 2:30 in the morning was less fun.

These cats.
The black one and gray one are brothers. 
We have had them for 14 years.
They adjusted pretty well to the move.
The white one is about 8 years old.
They seem to love it here in the country.
Lots of mice for them to enjoy.

And then there are these two.
These are our oldest grandsons.
Josh is on the right is 17 and Jaren on the left is 16.
They were getting ready for their Homecoming.
How did I get so old?
But dang! They are so cute.

Last week we had 90 degree weather.
This week we are in the 50's and 60's.
We are supposed to get snow.
I guess we won't have Fall this year.


Barb said...


That's amazing the your pear tree even had pears after only a few months! My daughter and her husband planted a pear tree a more than a year ago, and only had 1 pear this year, I would have picked them all as well!

The fires were so awful, I'm so glad that most of them are out, at least in Idaho. They did make taking pictures fun, all those gorgeous sunsets - your photo is beautiful.

My uncle went to, England on his mission, of course it was many years before your husband, but he loved it as well. What a fun meeting, I think it's wonderful that they all stay in touch.

Your cats are so pretty, and that's amazing that two of them are 14 years old! My daughters MIL had a cat that was 20 years old! He was blind, and they shaved him to keep him cool . . . all except his head, he was a strange looking cat, but they loved him.

Your grandsons are adorable - isn't it weird to have grandkid's that old?!

Yes, the weather has been so strange, but I have really enjoyed these cooler days. Although, I don't think I am ready for snow . . . :0( Your staircase is gorgeous with the fall colors on it, so is your piano, that arrangement is so pretty!

The other post of your family during the eclipse was fun! Your grandkid's sure do look like you and your husband . . . what a beautiful family you have!

Have a great week-end!


Julia said...

It's always fun seeing what you've been up to and your place looks like it's the perfect place for cats. Lots of ground to cover.
Handsome grandsons, I think they take after their grandfather.

Hooray for the little pear tree. It makes me want to plant one too next year. We'll see.
Nice fall decor in your home. I can't believe that they are predicting snow for your area so early...
Take care, Hugs, Julia

Saimi said...

Love the pear tree! I never buy pears because I don't think I like them but riding through a pear orchard after it was picked I notice some very yellow pears that were left behind. To say the least my horse and I chowed on those left over pears with juice dripping down my hands. Yeah, I like pears and I love that you have a tree. Now if i can figure how to ride by your house.......
Oh my you do have handsome grandsons. I don't want to hear how fast time goes. I'm afraid after the boys turn 5 this fall, next year it will be 15. Looks like your kitties are sure enjoying their new move especially with the promise of field mice!! We've been having the same sunsets but I am grateful of the rain we've been having. Hope it helps in the fire department.

Snow doesn't surprise me where you live. I always said its the sister city of Antarctica.
Take care!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How awesome to get pears! Yes the fires have been so sad. We are driving to Montana next week and I'm afraid of what we will see along the way. Our daughter did mention the beautiful sunsets. Glad to hear that the cats adjusted to the move. The boys looks great, hope they had a nice time.

Deb said...

Hi - I love your pear tree. We had a little pear tree like that in our home in Utah many years ago (back in the 80s) and the pears were the absolute best I have ever tasted. Just last week, I was thinking of planting another little pear tree now that we are back in Utah. So neat that your husband went to his mission reunion. My son will be going to his very first missionary reunion this Friday night. He has been home one year this coming Thursday. Time goes so quickly. Hope your handsome grandsons had a great time Homecoming. Hey, let me know next time you are in SLC and have some time and we should meet up! Have a good week!

Marsha said...

Your pear tree looks like it is doing great. We tried planting apple trees year before last, and the year before that but I’m afraid they never made it past the twig stage. Trying to grow things in our part of Idaho is pretty rough.

Isn’t it wonderful that the rain/snow came in and cleared out all the smoke from the fires? The smoke was pretty thick around here at times.

My husband also served in the London South Mission from 1974 – 1976, starting at the age of 23. President Eyre came in July and my husband finished his mission in October, making it a few short months with President Eyre as his President.

Cats and country are a good mix….plenty of little mice, everywhere!

Your grandsons are certainly handsome boys….ahem….I should say, young men. And my, how they do grow up so fast.

Your fall decorations are beautiful. Fall is the greatest, blanketing the earth in the most beautiful colors.

It was a pleasure finding your blog through Barb’s blog. I’ve been following Barb’s blog for quite some time, now. We actually had the opportunity to meet in Idaho Falls and go out to lunch the summer before this one. She is a wonderful person.

Take Care - Marsha