Friday, August 19, 2016


Yesterday I flew from Idaho Falls to Baltimore to spend the weekend with Howie.
He's in Pennsylvania for two weeks. 

Today I had the rental car and I played tourist. 

I started at Antietam. 
Bloodiest one day battle of the Civil War. 

The countryside is lush and beautiful. 

Then I went to a Pennsylvania Dutch market. 
What a blast.
I saw an Amish girl with flip flops. 
They were bejewled. 
Sorta edgy isn't it?

Then I went on to Gettysburg. 
Very humbling. 
It's been such a great day. 


Deb said...

Hi sounds like a great trip. We went to Gettysburg and Antietam when our kids were little - important places - sacred ground because so many died there. I was in Pennsylvania too this summer - spent the summer in Philadelphia. Lots of history there too. I finally got to see Valley Forge, although our visit was too quick. Hope all is going well. Have a great week!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like you had a very nice time. Glad you took the time to do that!

Barb said...

Beauitful photos!! I wish I could have jumped into your suitcase, I've always wanted to go there....ahhh, one day!!

Saimi said...

Love the photo's! My sister and I went to Gettysburg once and boy, oh boy can you feel the spirit of the soldiers there. It is very humbling and spiritual! Quite the amazing place. Glad you were able to catch up with your hubby I'm sure he appreciated you being there. That lil Amish girl probably hid her sandals and slipped them on when no one was looking.

Momza said...

Oh my bucket list just got bigger!
Thanks for sharing, Tauna!

Kerin said...

You're having so much fun! Seeing all the things that one day, we'd like to see.
I can just imagine the solemn feeling at Gettysburg, perhaps it's similar to the feeling of solemnity and reverence that we felt at the Pearl Harbor memorial.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

It was brrrr.. cold here this morning. Just 36. Convinced the hubby to light the fire and he threw in a cup of hot chocolate for good measure **smile**.


Barb said...

Hi! I love trips! beautiful photos, especially the old fence, just so beautiful and green. We have always wanted to go see, Gettysburg . . . one day! I've heard that it is very humbling to see and feel.

Have a wonderful week-end!

baili said...

it is good that you spent your holiday with your hub and had lots of fun that i can see through your sharing and photos .beautiful place to visit and i missed the Amish girl