Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I wish I lived on a farm.
Away from crowds and noise.
Where there are big stars at night.
And the sound of sprinklers in the fields.
 I did once.

 But until that dream comes true again...

 I'll enjoy my little "farm-let"

The dill smells so good!

My two little baby Americanas. Deiter and Dashy
Then the laying hens.
An Australorp
A Buff Orpington
and a Barred Rock
and a Blue-Lace Wyandott that I raised from an egg two years ago.

 They grow up so fast! sniffle sniffle

How many people can say their pets made their breakfast?
Those 4 eggs came from the girls today.

Today I picked my first picking of Seascape strawberries.
And two green peppers.

I need to pick the basil and the sage.
Smells heavenly.

I love my raised beds.
It makes gardening so much easier.
My corn hasn't been this high this early ever.

Little cabbages in a row like little soldiers.

Tomato plants as tall as me.
I started these from seed in March.

I'm trying cantalope this year under the plexiglass.
It's an heirloom variety called Noir de Carmes Melon.
It's black skinned until it's ripe then overnight the skin turns orange.

For now I'll be content with the farm-let.



StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh I love your garden! I so wish I had one but where I live it's not possible. I do have some tomatoes and some herbs on my deck. I'd love to know how you preserve your basil - dehydrate, freeze? blessings, marlene

Julia said...

Your farm-let is divine. I love your raised beds and the veggies are so big.
Here I just harvested my first summer cabbage, onions, parsley and basil and a handful of peas.
I love that nice neat fenced area to keep hens in and critters out. Lucky you to get fresh eggs every day, wonderful.

Enjoy your little piece of heaven.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am very impressed with your garden! I would love to live in a farm house and have a nice big garden for myself. Maybe someday but for now I think your garden is awesome. I have to buy those goodies at the store :( however I do try to buy all organic when I can.

Connie said...

There is something about growing and harvesting your own veggies, nothing in the store can compare to a fresh cucumber or tomato right from the garden.

Are you sure you want a farm? My daughter and her family just bought a small 3 acre farm with huge gardens and an orchard with about 35 fruit trees along with grape arbors and berries. Oh boy, it makes me stop and think about all the work it takes to keep things up. I'm getting too old for that kind of work.

Your little piece of earth seems to be quite productive. Great job.

Maggie and Pooh said...

No better place to live than a nice farm where one can hear all the wonderful sounds of nature and smell nice fresh air. What a beautiful garden you have sweet Tauna. Thank you for visiting my WP blog and leaving kind words. Hugs

gigi said...

Your Garden looks so awesome! Mine is kind of a disaster again this year. It's time to roll it under and start a fall garden. I think it would be awesome to have raised beds. We have talked about it but never started. There is always time to do this next year. Every thing looks so pretty and green and your chicks are running the range freely. Lucky you.

Deb said...

You have such a lovely "farm let." I love those raised garden boxes. Hope your summer is going well. Enjoy the week ahead.