Monday, June 22, 2015


We drove partway to Utah after church yesterday. 
To meet Matt and pick up these two. 
Josh is 15 and Jaren is almost 14. 
They tower over me. 

They were coming to BYU-I to attend AFY. Adventure For Youth at Badger Creek. 

Since BYU-I is just a few blocks away I got to be the designated dropper-offer. 

Before I took them over at noon I figured is get a little Slave Labor out of them. 
Moving wood to the wood pile. 

That was supposed to happen. 

But there was a lot of this...

 And a lot of this...
The job got done....


These two are a blast!


Julia said...

That's what boys are like. They soon will become men, and faster than you can realize.

Saimi said...

Boys are the best! It's all I know since I was blessed with three of them as well as two grandsons!! How lucky for you!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the boys and how awesome that you got to visit with them and have them help out for awhile!